Medvedev: Russia and China intend to reach turnover of $200 billion by 2020

Medvedev: Russia and China intend to reach turnover of $200 billion by 2020

MOSCOW, December 13. Russia and China hope to increase trade to $200 billion over five years, which will contribute to major projects launched in the coming years. This was stated by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in interview to the newspaper “people’s Daily” on the eve of his visit to China.

“We hope that in the coming years, the launch of the largest projects that will add to our turnover tens of billions of dollars and will allow you to get back on a sustainable positive trajectory,” said he.

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“Our countries face a huge task – by 2020 to increase bilateral trade to $200 billion And we are determined to implement it”, – said the Medvedev.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that “the situation in the global economy is complex, and it affects all countries without exception”. “This year, there is a tendency to decrease in the total volume of trade between Russia and China; this was mainly due to the fall in oil prices”,- he said.

However, the Prime Minister acknowledged that the structure of trade has changed, and now a large share in the Russian export began to take agricultural products and products with high added value. “This helps to diversify the Russian economy, encourages companies to actively integrate into the world economy, to find their niches in the production and marketing of products with high added value,” he said.

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Medvedev also has reminded that now there will be more interaction with China on the Eurasian economic Union. “Since 2012, operates the early warning mechanism sensitive products, mutual trade, pending agreement on the exchange of information about goods and vehicles moved across the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union and China”,- he said. “A decision was made to start negotiations on an agreement on trade and economic cooperation between the EEU and China; this agreement will provide favorable conditions for the development of practical cooperation and investment for the long term, create mechanisms to facilitate and promote trade and to reconcile our practice in the field of standards, technical requirements and rules of customs administration”,- said the Prime Minister.

An example for all countries

Dmitry Medvedev also said he believes Russian-Chinese relations, in which “there are no seniors or juniors, no leaders and followers”, a model of collaboration for other States.

“I believe that if relations between many other countries resembled the Russian-Chinese, the whole world it would only benefit. As says the ancient Chinese proverb, the best fight is the one that never was”, – said the Chairman of the Russian government in an interview with the newspaper “people’s Daily” on the eve of his visit to China.

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He cited a Russian proverb: “a Close neighbour is better than distant relations”. In his opinion, it “fully reflects the relationship between Russia and China, whose long border has long been a zone of lasting peace, friendship and multifaceted cooperation”.

Medvedev is sure that “Russian-Chinese relations a trustful partnership and strategic interaction have reached an unprecedented high level”. “They meet our national interests, are an example of true neighborliness and mutual respect, are working on a comprehensive modernization of the two countries who live in the rhythm of the new century. There is no area in which Russia and China would lack the intensive dialogue and cooperation”, – said the head of the Cabinet.

According to him, “for several hundred years the peoples of our countries have learned to understand each other, interact and make friends.” “So according to Chinese traditions, we may be deemed to be “Lao Peng you” (old friends). And today, the multifaceted ties between Russia and China are the best in their entire history. It is in every sense of the word mutually beneficial cooperation, in which there is no senior and Junior, leader and led,” – says the Russian Prime Minister.

He assured that Moscow “intends to fully deepen the strategic partnership” with China. “And it’s not just political and economic expediency. Most importantly – the citizens of the two countries of great interest to each other,” – said Medvedev. For example, he cited the growing desire of citizens to study Russian and Chinese.

The Prime Minister also reminded that “since 2010, China has firmly maintained the position of largest trading partner” of Russia, “implementing strategic projects in the energy sector, cooperation in high technology industries – space, aviation, nuclear energy, military technical cooperation”. In addition, “much attention is paid to the investment component of the financial and practical ties.”

According to the Prime Minister, in recent years Russia and China “managed to build a clear system for coordination of joint activities and long-term development plans”. So, the upcoming next week the meeting of the Prime Ministers of the two countries will be the 20th.

“We have an agreement in principle to the pair of integration processes within the Eurasian economic Union with the Chinese initiative of the economic belt of the silk road. This provides additional opportunities for the formation of a common economic space,” believes Medvedev.

He especially highlighted the cooperation of Moscow and Beijing in international Affairs, which “is truly global and strategic character, is becoming an increasingly significant factor in world politics”. “China and Russia effectively cooperate in various multilateral formats, primarily in the UN, “Group of twenty”, BRICS, SCO, balanced and pragmatic approach to solving the most pressing problems of our time, respect the right of each people to an independent choice of development path,” he listed the head of the Russian Cabinet.

“We are resolute opponents of pressure on sovereign States, including through unilateral sanctions, coercive methods, the use of double standards,” – stated Medvedev.