Naryshkin: the decriminalization of articles of the Criminal code will not lead to a rise in crime

VLADIVOSTOK, December 13. Decriminalization of several articles of the Penal code proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, will not lead to an increase in crime and corruption, as are mostly not dangerous for society offences. This opinion was expressed on Sunday in an interview with broadcaster NTV Chairman of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin.

“We are not talking about that certain wrongful acts will go unpunished, only that they be retrained in administrative offense and to have committed these wrongful acts were responsible, but not criminal, but administrative,” said Naryshkin.

He noted that “the President in his message said that you need to think about the fate of people who failed, had committed certain offences which have no great social danger”.

According to Naryshkin, it is too early to talk about which specific articles of the Criminal code and the Code about administrative offences can affect the change.

Speaking on 3 December with the annual message to the Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin has asked deputies to support the proposal on the decriminalization of several articles of the criminal code. “I ask the State Duma to support the proposal of the Supreme court of Russia on the decriminalization of several articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation and transfer the crime, not representing big public danger, into the category of administrative offenses, but with one important caveat – repeated misconduct must already qualify as a criminal act,” he said.