Nazarbayev: Kazakhstan will not ban export currency from the country

ASTANA, December 13. A ban on the export of currency out of Kazakhstan in the framework of the implementation of anti-crisis policy will not be introduced. This was stated by the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev.

“Just want to note that we will not do is to make holding the currency here. It would be against the market economy and of our whole financial policy of Kazakhstan,” said Nazarbayev in an interview shown Sunday on air of Republican TV channels.

He noted that in the conditions of crisis are different measures. “During the South East crisis of 1998-1999, for example, Malaysia banned the export of currency from the country and all exporters were forced to keep currency in the country. It was an emergency and non-market measure,” he recalled.

As reported, the Kazakh government last week adopted an anti-crisis plan for the next three years. Among other things the document provides for the implementation of complex of measures on dedollarization of the economy and enhance the attractiveness of financial instruments in local currency – tenge.

The program of industrialization

Nazarbayev also noted that industrialization has helped Kazakhstan time to prepare for the current crisis, the changing structure of the economy.

“It was our response to the coming crises – to get away from the dominance of primary industries and to develop the processing, sell the finished products,” – said the head of state.

Nazarbayev noted that for the first five year plan of industrial-innovative program from 2010 to 2014, was introduced 770 enterprises, in 2015 – 120. According to the President of the Republic, had invested 5.3 trillion tenge ($17 billion), of which “74% – investment made by private enterprises”. He stressed that the processing industries provide the economic growth and increase productivity.

Only, as reported by the head of state, according to the results of the second industrial five-year plan (2015-2019) will be entered 505 new enterprises, and “to work there will be hundreds of thousands of people.” “We just started industrialization, do it right and will continue,” – said Nazarbayev.

Pension assets

Nazarbayev noted that the pension assets of the Kazakhstan’s citizens are once again scheduled to pass under the control of private companies will not be used for lending to enterprises.

“Pension funds I requested not be used as loans for all enterprises. Only the government to Finance the budget deficit can use, because the government is 100% responsible for safety”, – said Nazarbayev.

He also commented on the decision of the authorities to transfer pension savings that had been accumulated in the state Single pension Fund, under the management of private investment companies. “Now the National Bank so many problems, plus international financial centre “Astana, – said the President. “This will be a contract of the state with a private trader, who is obliged to work so effectively to multiply the money and the state will follow”, he said.

Thus, Nazarbayev stressed that the reasons for concern about the safety of pension savings of the citizens should arise. For this, as before, will be the responsibility of the state.

Without people’s participation it is impossible to eradicate corruption

The President also spoke about corruption. According to him, active participation in preventing corruption is crucial to eradicate this phenomenon.

“Until the whole nation will struggle with this, we will not achieve any result,” he said. According to Nazarbayev, corruption involves not only those who takes bribes, but also those who give”, and help her those who are not informed about the violations.

As another direction of preventing corruption Nazarbaev called the development of “electronic government, digital States, when there is no contact between officials and business.” He reported that about 70% of public services available in electronic format, and noted that this process should be “complete”.

According to the head of state, the fight against corruption in Kazakhstan is uncompromising, as evidenced by the prosecution of high-ranking officials, including former Prime Minister, former heads of administrations of Pavlodar and Atyrau regions, ex-the Ministers of health and environment. “This suggests that before the law all are equal”, – said Nazarbayev.

The President noted that “a week ago signed a new law on combating corruption” in which “international experience”.

Replacement of the current government

The President also said he did not intend to make a full replacement of the current government of the country.

“The complete replacement of the government should not”, – said the head of state, answering a question are any personnel changes in the Cabinet.

He noted that the development of the recently adopted in the Republic’s anti-crisis program in the years 2016-2018, as well as state programs of industrialization, infrastructure construction “Nurly Zhol” and the ambitious plans to reform the state – “the Five institutional reforms” and “one Hundred steps” were developed with the participation of the current government. “I instruct the government to implement these plans. And if in progress, we will see the disadvantages, in such cases it is necessary to change – it obviously is clear to everyone”, – said Nazarbayev.