Congress “the Apple” in December to elect a new party leadership

MOSCOW, 14 Dec –. Congress “the Apple” on 19-20 December will elect a new party leadership, as well as offer an amendment in the party Constitution that will limit the terms of Chairman for the post two terms.

“One hundred and sixty-four delegates at the XVIII Congress of the Yabloko party will elect a new party leadership — the Chairman of the party, members of the Political Committee and the Bureau, the control and revision Commission and of the party of arbitration”, — informs the press service of the party on Monday.

The political Committee will propose to Congress an amendment to the Charter limiting the tenure of the Chairman on a post to two terms (maximum 8 years) — if this amendment is adopted, we will not be able to be elected to the highest post in the party nor the acting Chairman of the party Sergey Mitrokhin, nor the founder of the party Grigory Yavlinsky.

Sergei Mitrokhin does not agree with the proposed political amendment and announced his intention to stand in presidents.

Candidates for the presidencies, recommended for discussion by the political Affairs Committee — Alexander Gnezdilov, Sergei Ivanenko, Nikolai Rybakov, Emilia Slabunov, Alexander Shishlov, Leo schloßberg and conferences proposed by regional organizations. There are currently 8 candidates, but during the Convention, any delegate may nominate a candidate.

The party Congress shall be convened not less than once in four years. Delegates are representatives of 77 regional offices and members of the Federal governing bodies, deputies of legislative assemblies from 5 regions, deputies of city councils of the capital from 7 regions. If in the region there are municipal deputies elected from the party, the regional office submits to the Congress one delegate.