Grain exporters have resumed signing contracts with Turkey

Moscow. December 14. Russian grain exporters have renewed contracts for supply of grain to Turkey, suspended in late November due to fears of restrictive measures. Then I just shipped the sold grain.

“And now shipped, and new contracts began to conclude, there are no restrictions,” – said the representative of the major thermotrailers company.

According to him, the actions of the exporters was influenced by official statements of the leadership of the Ministry of agriculture that Russia has no plans to ban export of Russian grain to Turkey.

The grain trader also said that suspension in Contracting did not affect the prices. They correspond to the world trends.

At the same time, as the source noted, fears that Turkey may refuse from Russian grain are preserved.

Meanwhile, as stated earlier, first Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Evgeny Gromyko, the likelihood that Turkey will limit the import of Russian grain is very low because of it in the country, produces about 85% flour.

According to “Rusagrotrans”, since July to October this year, Turkey became the second largest buyer of Russian grain after Egypt. It imported 1,603 million tons of wheat, its share in total exports was 12%.

From July to November delivery rose to 2.08 million tonnes, including 1,64 million tons of wheat. In December Russia will supply to Turkey is about 700 thousand tons of grain, predicts “Rusagrotrans”.