Problem features of “SU-155” will be completed in two years

Moscow. December 14. Problem features of GC “SU-155” can be completed until 2018, told journalists the Minister of construction and housing Russian Mikhail Men.

He noted that the timing of the completion objects are very different. “The house is 90% ready, there is a house at the initial stage of construction, but to date the current timetable is around 2016-2017, depending on the degree of readiness of houses,” – said the Minister.

Last week it became known that the state Bank-the turnaround “Russian capital” (the affiliated structure of the Agency for Deposit insurance) will be engaged in financial improvement of “SU-155”, to help him in this will be the group “BIN” Mikail shishhanov.

The group of companies “SU-155” is one of the largest Russian construction companies, the group includes over 80 industrial and construction companies.

Financial problems “SU-155” was aggravated in November 2014: the authorities of Moscow stated that the group should budget about 1 billion rubles for the lease of land. This was followed by claims of creditors, and in March of this year the default occurred on the bonds on 2,3 billion roubles. By the end of 2014, the company’s debt was estimated more than 25 billion rubles. The company suspended the construction of several large residential complexes in Moscow, Moscow region and other regions.

To “SU-155” filed dozens of lawsuits on bankruptcy, among addressed, in particular, Sberbank, ROSBANK and “the Russian capital”. A subsidiary of the group “SU-155 Capital” – August 25, defaulted on the bonds and are unable to pay 84,77 million roubles of coupon income.