Russia after more than a year hiatus will resume supplies of poultry meat to the EU

MOSCOW, December 14. Russia after more than a year break has renewed the certification of Russian products from poultry meat for export to the EU, reported in the Rosselkhoznadzor.

“Russia from December 10, resumed its certification of poultry products for export to the EU”, – said the official representative offices of Julia in a few words.

She recalled that the certification and supply of poultry meat and eggs in the EU had been suspended in September 2014 after an outbreak of bird flu in the Altai region. When Russia imposed a restriction on export of poultry products.

Now Russia resumes deliveries, since control of the situation and fulfills all requirements specified by the regulations of the European Commission, said in a few words.

In accordance with this document, the certificated Russian enterprises are allowed to export to the EU of poultry meat, eggs (only class B), as well as products consisting of or containing meat of domesticated birds and wild birds subjected to “processing”. In addition, it is also allowed to export from Russia animal by-products consisting of or containing raw materials from poultry, if the raw material meets the requirements for import of products from fresh poultry meat.

According to Rosselkhoznadzor, at the present time, the permission to supply poultry meat to the EU are two enterprises of the company “prioskolie”, “Bryansk broiler” (“a daughter” holding “Miratorg”), and “Krasnobor” and “Perepelkina and Levy”.