The court suspended consideration of the claim of Rosprirodnadzor “Norilsk Nickel” by 1.4 billion rubles

KRASNOYARSK, December 14. The arbitration court of Krasnoyarsk region has suspended manufacture under the claim of Rosprirodnadzor to mining and metallurgical company “Norilsk Nickel” about collecting more than 1.4 billion roubles in compensation of harm, caused to the environment. This is stated in the court records.

“Considering that the circumstances established by the arbitral Tribunal in terms of the amount of adjustment of payments for negative impact on the environment for 2014, will be prejudicial to the resolution of the claim about collecting of debts on payments for negative impact on the environment during 2014 to be raised in the present case, the arbitral Tribunal came to the conclusion about the necessity of suspension of proceedings in the present case”, – stated in the materials of the court.

Earlier, the Directorate of Rosprirodnadzor in Krasnoyarsk region has addressed in court with the requirement to seek compensation for the environmental damage caused by “Norilsk Nickel”. In turn, the company filed a counterclaim in which it disputed the amount requested by the Agency. Thus, the court decided to suspend consideration of the application of Rosprirodnadzor as long until a decision will be made by counter-claim, and the parties will decide on the amount of compensation.

The next session under the claim of “Norilsk Nickel” will take place on 27 January 2016, according to the court documents.