The government of Ukraine in 2016 are going to borrow more than $9 billion

Moscow. December 11. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 2016 government borrowing in the amount 217,998 billion UAH (more than $9.2 billion), including external – 119,554 billion UAH (more than $5 billion).

The corresponding figures contained in the Annex to the draft law “On state budget of Ukraine for 2016”, published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada on Friday night.

Within domestic borrowing, the government in 2016 intends to issue long-term bonds for 16 billion USD, mid – term-69,944 bn and short term, including promissory notes – 8,358 bn.

The volume of repayment of public debt next year is estimated at 135,204 billion UAH (about $5.7 billion), including external – 13,88 billion UAH (nearly $584 million).

The state guarantee in 2016 can be provided in the amount to 28.2 billion USD.

According to the state Treasury, in January-October, government borrowing amounted to $ 217,259 bn, including external 132,779 bn. To repay the debt was paid 101,969 billion UAH ($4.2 billion), including external debt – 21,46 billion UAH (more than $882 million).