“AvtoVAZ” from December 16 to resume export of Lada in Hungary

Moscow. December 15. “AvtoVAZ” from 16 December to resume exports of cars Lada in Hungary, said company President Bo Andersson reporters on Tuesday.

“December 16 (renewable) our exports to Hungary. I got (a promise) from the Russian government about the support of AVTOVAZ in export. And the easiest way is to provide subsidies on transport costs,” Andersson said, without specifying when they were suspended supply of products in this country.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich reported that the government together with the FAS and Russian Railways will work on measures of support of export of production of “AVTOVAZ”. “This is a program to support exports of products produced at “AVTOVAZ” – as finished vehicles, and body separate models. We discussed both financial support measures and the possible reduction of tariffs for transportation of produced goods to the ports,” – said Dvorkovich.

In July, Andersson has announced the start of cooperation of “AVTOVAZ” with the importers of the Renault-Nissan Alliance in Lebanon and Hungary.

In November, at the ceremony of start of sales of Lada Vesta, he said that AVTOVAZ intends to return to the CIS markets, including Ukraine. “Today we start, we start in the Russian Federation. Then the most important thing is to come to Kazakhstan and we hope that we will return to Ukraine. Then Belarus, Azerbaijan,” – said Andersson.

In addition to neighboring countries, the company is interested in export of their products in Latin America, Africa, the middle East and in Eastern Europe.