AvtoVAZ starts serial production of urban crossover LADA XRAY

SAMARA, December 15. /Corr.TASS Alexey Sokolov/. “AvtoVAZ” launches on Tuesday for the mass production of a new model – the urban crossover LADA XRAY, was reported in the press center of the automobile.

“The first machines descend from the conveyor will be equipped with a manual gearbox and engine capacity of 1.6 liters and 110 HP Alliance “Renault-Nissan”, – said the press center.

Further on LADA XRAY will also set the base engine and robotized transmission (AMT) production of “AVTOVAZ”.

As previously reported, the urban crossover XRAY – high compact hatchback-style SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). LADA XRAY created in the framework of cooperation of “AVTOVAZ” with the Alliance Renault-Nissan, for new items we developed more than 500 original parts. The car will be the second production model after the LADA Vesta, new brand “X-ray”style of “AVTOVAZ”. The production model is organized on the most modern Assembly lines of the plant – B0.

Just before the end of 2015 in Togliatti it is planned to produce about 500 cars LADA XRAY. Emphasis will be placed primarily on the quality of each assembled car, not on the fulfilment of quantitative plan for the Assembly, stressed in the press center of the plant.

The price is still unknown

The start of sales of LADA XRAY is scheduled for February 2016. As stated earlier, the carmaker, this model, along with LADA Vesta should be a catalyst for change of image of LADA in the Russian market and help greatly to strengthen the position of the brand in major Russian cities.

Price model is still unknown. “For the price, we have not yet decided but it is planned that it will be less than 600 thousand rubles”, – said in November 2015 the President of “AVTOVAZ” Bo Andersson.

LADA XRAY – the second major premiere of “AVTOVAZ” this year after the car LADA Vesta, the production of which was launched at the plant “IzhAvto” less than three months ago, on the 25th of September. In their new model of “AVTOVAZ” invested in 2015 about 30 billion rubles.

The course for Euro 6

Even before the start of serial production of LADA XRAY in November 2015 “AVTOVAZ” announced the beginning of preparation of LADA Vesta and XRAY to ecological standard Euro-6. “The new generation of cars LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY will receive significant changes in the settings of the engine and the exhaust system for compliance with the ecological standard Euro-6”, – noted in the press center.

In particular, the machine will have an updated firmware for electronic pedal, sensor mass air flow with a digital output signal, the controller of the electronic engine management system (EDMS). Also will be used with increased catalyst loading of precious metals. The timing of the project is not yet known.

Currently, all LADA cars produced for the domestic market, comply with environmental standard Euro-5. Version of cars “Lada Granta” and “Lada 4×4” for export, complies with the stricter requirements of Euro 6.

New items sent to Europe and the middle East

It is planned that already in the beginning of 2016 “AVTOVAZ” will start the export of LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY. This was announced by Vice-President of sales and marketing Denis Petrunin. In addition to the countries of the near abroad, where it is planned to deliver new models of LADA, among the vectors of development of export Vice-President of “AVTOVAZ” was outlined by the European countries, such as Italy, Germany and the Middle East.

December 2, LADA XRAY during his visit to AVTOVAZ tested Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. He did on the car a few laps at the factory track.

“A good car and, above all, good for the driver. Not sure how the passengers in the back, maybe a little tighter, but overall felt that this spacious car. Let’s see how sales will go. Let’s hope that the launch of LADA XRAY will be successful,” – said Dvorkovich after testing.