Bloomberg: Apple has opened a Taiwan lab for the development of screens for their devices

NEW YORK, December 15. /Corr. Kirill Volkov/. American Corporation Apple opened in Taiwan secret laboratory where they are developing new screens of the company’s devices. This was reported on Monday by Bloomberg.

According to him, this laboratory, located in the city Longtan to the North of the island, is operational since April of this year, however, officially nothing is known about her. The facility employs about 50 engineers and other employees whose task is to develop technologies to create thinner, brighter and less power-consuming displays for these devices from Apple, as iPhones and iPads, according to Bloomberg.

As specified, the engineers are developing more advanced versions of liquid crystal displays, which Apple now equips all their devices and explore the possibility of a complete transition of the company’s products, using technology organic light emitting diodes. According to Bloomberg, leading own design screens, Apple wants to be less dependent on companies like Samsung and Sharp, who are the suppliers of displays for the California Corporation.

The Agency writes that the building, which houses the new laboratory Apple previously belonged to the American manufacturer of semiconductors and wireless communications Qualcomm. Almost all engineers working on a new site, Apple are former employees of Qualcomm and one of Taiwanese companies, according to Bloomberg.

The Agency notes that Apple development is conducted in high secrecy, so the building of the laboratory from virtually no different from the many industrial buildings in the industrial area Longtan where the lab is located.

Apple is an American company with headquarters in Cupertino (California), founded in 1976. It produces smartphones iPhone, iPad tablets, iPod music players, laptops and desktop computers Mac, as well as other high-tech equipment. The Corporation is the largest in the world with a market capitalization of 581,5 billion.