Bonuses men in the city of London at twice the bonuses women

Moscow. December 15. Women working in the financial heart of London city, will receive this year is twice smaller bonuses than men, according to the results of recruitment firm Astbury Marsden.

Women on average will receive additional compensation in the amount 16,24 thousand pounds (us$24.7 million) against 32,84 thousand pounds in men. Among the Directors of the companies, the figures are 25,81 thousand pounds and 50.3 thousand pounds.

At the same time, the difference in size of bonuses for the most senior leaders (managing Directors or partners) is reduced and is 71,67 thousand pounds in women and 102.73 maintaining its positive structure thousand pounds in men.

“The reality is that in areas with greater reward still dominated by men. Women often occupy a significant portion of the state in those parts of the business where there are no commissions, such as HR or marketing. Sales departments, for example, have a reputation for being almost entirely male,” notes managing Director of Astbury Marsden Director Adam Jackson.

Overall this year, expected to receive bonus payments 64% of city employees compared to 66% in 2014. In this case, the increase in the remuneration of expect 35% to 40%, and the reduced payout forecast of 13% compared to 16% in last year’s study.

The Astbury Marsden survey, held from 8 September to 13 October, was attended by more than 1,06 thousand respondents.