Date-centre of “Rosatom” and “Rostelecom” will bring the last 100 billion rubles of income in 30 years

Moscow. December 15. “Rostelecom” maybe in 30 years to receive 100 billion rubles of income from the sale of services of the data center, which will be built on the infrastructure of “Rosatom” near Kalinin NPP in Tver oblast. This assessment in an interview with “Interfax” announced a source close to the Board of Directors of “Rostelecom”.

The operator’s Board of Directors approved the terms of the contract with “Rosenergoatom”, owned by “Rosatom” providing for the construction of Russia’s largest data center, is spoken in the message “Rostelecom”.

Under the contract, Rostelecom will receive in rent for 30 years buildings and structures for the organization of the data center capacity of 4 thousand stands. The preliminary cost of a 30-year lease prices of 2014 amounts to 34.1 billion rubles, including VAT. The amount of the contract may vary with changes in the value of resources consumed, in particular, electricity.

“Rosenergoatom” performs the design and construction of buildings, communications and power systems of the data center. Rostelecom, in turn, will be engaged in the design and construction of engineering infrastructure of the center. Construction will begin no later than February 2016, the first phase should be completed in June 2017, the second in June 2018.

It is planned to construct the building with total area of 33 thousand square meters, which can accommodate 4.8 million of the uprights. “Rostelecom” leases 4 thousand pillars, and the remaining 800 racks “Rosenergoatom” will use for the needs of Rosatom.

Currently, the data centers of Rostelecom and its subsidiaries have a total capacity of 1.5 thousand stands.