Gref: the price of oil at $35 in 2016 will not be critical for Russian banks

MOSCOW, Dec 15. The banking sector of the Russian Federation will remain stable when the price of oil to $ 35 per barrel in 2016, nothing too critical about it, said the head of Sberbank German Gref.

“Fear is something to announce. Is there a crisis in the banking sector? I’ve said many times that it is a question of definitions — what is a crisis. If every fifth Bank bankrupt and more than 2 trillion rubles of government assistance is not a crisis — I don’t know what the crisis. Tell me, what is the crisis — I say will be or not,” said Gref to journalists, previously have repeatedly announced about large-scale banking crisis in Russia.

“It is clear that the prices (on oil — ed.) below 40 dollars per barrel — this is an extra challenge. But in all cases that we consider we including there is a variant on our sustainability, our economy, calculated on the price in 35 dollars for barrel, — in all cases, the next year is not so critical as this,” he said, explaining that projects the words on the entire banking sector.

“Some sverkhkriticheskom, frankly, do not see”, — said the head of the largest Russian Bank.