Maiden this season can earn more Santa clauses

Moscow. December 15. Offered this year in Russia, salaries for snow maidens appeared on 8 thousand roubles above, than the salary of Santa Claus – about 46 thousand and 38 thousand respectively, according to the press service recruitment portal HeadHunter with reference to your research.

“This situation is different from last year, when Santa Claus, by contrast, could count on 46 thousand roubles, and the maiden only 39.5. Thus, the proposed salaries of the two main characters fabulous new year in 2015 represent a mirror reflection of the situation in 2014”, – stated in the message.

In comparison with 2013 salaries snow Maiden and Santa Claus considerably “tightened up”: two years ago they could count on the sum exceeding 50 thousand rubles.

In St. Petersburg at the present time the average Santa can claim the salary of 37 thousand rubles, the work of his granddaughter is estimated at 46 thousand rubles.

Moscow offers fantasy character better paying job: this year Santa Claus can count on 47 thousand rubles, and the snow maiden – is already 60 thousand rubles.

The study HeadHunter has analyzed more than 400 vacancies for father frosts and snow maidens from February 2009 through December 2015.