NPCs start emission of the first maps of “the World”

Moscow. December 15. The national system of payment cards has started issuing the first card “the World”, according to a press release from the NPCs. It notes that to date, fully implemented the basic functionality of payment cards.

The first banks that issued these cards, steel Gazprombank, MDM Bank, Ural Bank, RNCB, Rossiya Bank, Sviaz-Bank and SMP Bank. The second group of 21 banks have already started testing the cards “the World” and plans to complete it before the end of 2015.

By law, all credit institutions deemed significant on the payment services market, will be obliged to accept cards, “Peace”, however, the law does not set the start date of their admission.

In October following the meeting of the Central Bank with the leadership of the largest 100 banks reported that Sberbank, with the largest acquiring network in the country, stated that it would fully open up the mesh of the cards “the World” not earlier than six months due to the large volume of work. At the same time, experts believe that if the savings Bank will be to set your grid to accept the cards “the World” on their own, then it will take at least a year.

Overall, bankers believe that the transfer of the ATM network would require more than six months, and to ensure “Peace” in retail outlets will take even more time. The difficulty lies in the fact that all retail outlets will have to re-sign the contract because it is non-public offer, was told by one of the participants of the meeting with the Central Bank. “The merchant can refuse, we have no right to insist that they should accept these cards,” said an employee of a major Bank.

The “Vedomosti” newspaper wrote earlier that the NPCs will work on a national standard for cryptography, which may require additional investments of several hundred million dollars. According to the newspaper, in early November the technical Committee for standardization “Cryptographic protection of information” (TC) announced the establishment of a working group to develop a national standard for card acceptance “World”.

Now all international card systems operate on a common standard (EMV), which is unlikely to include Russian cryptography. In the domestic counterpart can only operate the card “World”. This means that you will need two cryptographic module and two channels of interaction with payment systems – international and domestic.

In every ATM and POS terminal have to put certified to the FSB module, which cost can reach several thousand dollars, said the newspaper security consultant Cisco Systems Alexey Lukatsky.

According to the CBR, as at 1 July in Russia there were 218 768 ATMs and 1.2 million terminals for card acceptance. The regulator understands that all equipment cannot be replaced in the short term, it will also require significant investment, so it is expected a transition period of 5-7 years, during which the old ATMs and POS-terminals will be replaced with new ones.