Putin from the Kremlin gave the command to start the second leg of the power bridge to Crimea

MOSCOW, December 15. The second phase of power bridge to Crimea is to be launched in April-may 2016. This problem was confirmed by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during the ceremony via teleconference start of the second leg of the first stage of the power bridge from the Kuban Peninsula.

“We need to address the following challenges that we are facing – namely, to fly, but rather somewhere in April, at least – in may need to provide two power circuits on the Crimean Peninsula in order to give the Crimea 800 Megawatts,” – said the head of state, stressing that it “will close all the needs of the Crimea (in electricity)”.

“In record time”

The second line of the power bridge to Crimea, launched Tuesday, will allow to transfer the Crimean power grid in a single operation with the Russian power system, reported the Minister of energy Alexander Novak, the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“To date, the works on the completion of construction and commissioning of equipment for the second power bridge circuit, in the framework of this unique project today introduced the newest substation,” said Novak, located on the site of the station in Feodosiya.

According to him, “this substation was built in record time – within one and a half years with the regulatory period 2.5 years”. “Additionally were laid four strands of cable crossing through the Kerch Strait, which is also under the voltage of 220 kilovolts will provide transition power to the Crimean Peninsula,” – said the head of Department.

The Minister also said that “additionally built today and will be introduced to the work of 122 km of transmission lines from the crossing point to the substation “Cafe”. Previously, when starting the first chain was introduced substation “Taman” with a capacity of 220 kilovolts.

“The second circuit power bridge will allow to transmit additional power to the Crimean power system in 200 MW in total (including the first line) – 400 MW, taking into account the generation and flow of opportunities and total capacity of the Crimean energy system will be approximately 1000 MW,” – said Novak.

He explained that “the needs of the Crimean energy system that is 80 to 100 percent, depending on the time of day, temperature, work of wind and solar generation and excluding diesel generator sets”.

The Minister stressed that “the commissioning of the second line of the power bridge will allow to start to supply power to industrial enterprise” that, according to him, in turn, will allow to resume work at the enterprises and the population, will give the opportunity to continue to develop the economy of Crimea.

The command to run

Putin on Tuesday gave permission to start the second leg of the power bridge from Krasnodar region to Crimea. The head of state contacted the Peninsula in the videoconference.

After ten days of energoblok of the Peninsula by Ukraine on 2 December, Putin traveled to Simferopol to take part in the launch of the first line of the power bridge from Krasnodar region to Crimea. Its capacity is 200 MW. Then the President suggested that by 15 December, “will be running the second chain, and it will be 400 megawatts”.

As noted by the local authorities, after running the second string of the all Crimean enterprises will operate in full. In addition, the cities plan to include street lighting and elevators, to run the trolley and allow the restaurants to work at night. In most localities will be cancelled charts disconnecting people from electricity.

The President has previously delivered and the following task is the beginning of the summer season completely replace in Crimea electricity previously obtained from Ukraine. It is about the introduction into service of two more thread power bridge with a capacity of 200 MW each. In General, the connection of the Crimean power system with unified power system of Russia on four submarine cables with a total capacity of 800 MW involves the creation of two new substations and the construction of more than 500 km of high voltage transmission lines. According to Putin, “we need to synchronize with the gas companies, builders of thermal power plants in 2017 to provide additional own generation of Crimea”.