Seattle has allowed taxi drivers from Uber to form unions

Moscow. December 15. The town Council of the American city of Seattle (Washington) authorized drivers, operating via online services, to join trade unions.

As a result, the taxi drivers cooperating with Uber, Lyft and other online services, will be able to create a professional Association to defend their rights in disputes with the employer, reports the BBC.

Currently Uber gives employees drivers of employee status employed full-time. All drivers of this company are working as a freelancer with a flexible schedule. Previously, the company has repeatedly resisted attempts to negotiate on a collective basis about working conditions and salaries.

In a number of cities worldwide, the Uber service banned.

Online services road transport, allows you to order private taxi through the Internet, popular in USA and Europe and in several Asian cities. These services are, as a rule, through mobile apps, they direct the client to the nearest free driver with a car registered in this service.

Uber is an international technology company that develops mobile services on call car with a personal driver. The company provides services in more than 340 cities in 63 countries. In Russia, it started in 2013 and is now represented in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Kazan.