The amount of doubtful operations in the savings Bank in 2015 grew by 25%

Moscow. December 15. The volume of suspicious transactions detected by Sberbank of Russia in 2015 has increased by a quarter, said the head of the credit organization German Gref to journalists on Tuesday.

“Today (at the meeting of the Supervisory Board) we reported how the evolving function of compliance. In two years, nearly three years, we have come a long way in this direction, in the detection of suspicious transactions volumes that grow every year. In particular, this year the volume of doubtful operations from the beginning of the year increased by 25%,” said Gref.

“And this function develops, more and more complex systems are created according to customer identification, identification of the destination of all payments. This moves the whole world. We have created this year, the center compliance officer, in the following year, he will physically sit in St. Petersburg, this is a great facility, a large number of employees that will be centralised from across the country”, – said the head of Sberbank.

According to him, the center will track all transactions that do not comply with any regulations, including transactions associated with financing of terrorism.