The Euro fell below 70 rubles, Euro – 77 rubles below

MOSCOW, December 15. The dollar during trading on the Moscow stock exchange fell 58 cents to RUB 69,97 mark, falling below 70 rubles. in addition, the Euro fell below 77 rubles, down by 91 kopecks to RUB 76,65

The ruble and Russian stock indices are rising on Tuesday after oil: the MICEX (MICEX) – on 2,23% to 1746,69 points, and RTS – by 3.3% to 786,22 item.

Earlier, the Bank of Russia was established on December 16, the official dollar exchange rate at the level 70,8295 ruble. The Euro increased by 1 ruble 26,53 78,2312 kopecks to the ruble. While the official exchange rate of the CBRF increased to a maximum value in the entire history of the denomination in 1998. More the dollar was worth only in December 1997 before the denomination of the ruble.

Fluctuations in oil prices

The price for oil grade Brent on London exchange ICE rose above $38 per barrel. As of 17:40 GMT, the January futures contract rose 1,82% to $38,61 per barrel.

Yesterday the price of Brent dropped 4% to $36.4 per barrel, breaking the mark of $37 per barrel for the first time since December 2008.

On oil prices continues to pressure the OPEC decision on quotas on oil production. So, at the end of 168-th meeting in Vienna on 4 December, the Ministers of oil of the OPEC has not taken a clear decision on production quotas because of the position of countries that are not members of the organization. Currently the volume of oil production by OPEC members is estimated to be 31-32 million barrels/day. The previous quota was 30 million barrels/day.