The General staff of the Russian Federation: Syrian opposition to the Russian military provides the coordinates of the objects IG

The General staff of the Russian Federation: Syrian opposition to the Russian military provides the coordinates of the objects IG

MOSCOW, December 15. The Russian military are in constant contact with the Syrian opposition fighting against the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia), and the coordinates of the objects of terrorists.

This was reported to journalists by the chief of the main operations Directorate of the General staff Lieutenant-General Sergey rudskoy.

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Author: Victor LITOVKIN

According to him, the opposition is already working with the Syrian army – today there are more than 5 thousand people. “They organized and maintained constant contact. The formation of the opposition give the command of the Russian aviation group coordinates the terrorists to defeat”, – said rudskoy.

He also noted that with the IG fighting over 150 units of the opposition. “The success of ground operations by the Syrian armed forces contribute to the actions of the so-called opposition against ISIL (former name “Islamic state”). Currently in Syria there are more than 150 such units,” he said.

Russian planes flew around 4.2 million departures

According to Rudskoy, Russian pilots since the beginning of operation against terrorists in Syria has already made more than 4.2 million departures, almost 150 of them held strategic aviation. “With September 30, the Russian aviation group has executed 4201 sorties, of which 145 sorties by aircraft strategic missile and long-range bomber aircraft”, – he said.

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The General stressed that missile and bomb strikes are the major objects of infrastructure, the accumulation of military equipment and manpower of fighters. In particular, according to the military, since the beginning of the operation, the aircraft of the Russian Federation has destroyed more than 1.2 thousand fighters tankers carrying crude oil and petroleum products. “Since the beginning of the strikes of Russian aviation destroyed more than 1.2 thousand of these “Nalivayko,” said rudskoy.

According to him, in the last three days were destroyed six illegal oil field in Syria and seven columns of vehicles with oil and products of its processing. “Over the last few weeks increased the intensity of the strikes on the positions of the ISIL and other terrorist groups. Russian aviation continues to prioritize the undermining of the sources of income of terrorists in Syria,” the General said.

Russia began to strike at terrorists in Syria on 30 September, acting at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 2014 operation against the militants in Syria and Iraq held by the international coalition led by the United States.

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Rudskoy also indicated that the aircraft of the Russian Federation struck nearly 20 strikes on terrorists, supporting the troops “Lions of the desert” and “Kalamun” in the areas of El Karaten and Palmyra, in addition, with the support of the offensive formations to the North of Raqqa opposition in days destroyed more than 150 militants – the attacks have been carried out in support of the occurrence of the detachment of “Ganim”, part of the free Syrian army, and armed formation “Democratic forces”.

The General stressed that Russia will continue to unite the efforts of Syrian troops and other militias fighting with the “Islamic state”. “We will continue to work at uniting the efforts of government troops and other groups interested in the liberation of Syria from international terrorists,” said rudskoy.