The head of the Federal Agency for tourism: domestic tourism could give the tourist industry is not less income, than away

ST. PETERSBURG, December 15. Domestic tourism could not give less income to the tourism business, than away and to provide stability under certain conditions. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday, the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov in an interview with TASS on St. Petersburg international tourism forum.

“At the expense of domestic tourism, you can get no less income than the expense of foreign ones, but you need to prepare the appropriate quality product, build up logistics and to work according to world standards, and it must be done quickly,” he said.

In his opinion, the conditions for the development of tourist business in Russia in the current environment. “We have a big country, the number of travelers increases and the need to offer a product that is marketable. For example, this year we have created package tours, and diversification is always good in business is the ability to generate additional revenue,” – said the head of the Federal tourism Agency.

Safonov underlined that “the tendency of growth of domestic and inbound flows are obvious, and it is likely to persist”. “About outbound tourism forecasts to do difficult – there’s a lot of factors,” he said.

By the end of 2015, the Federal tourism Agency notes the growth in domestic tourism by 20-25% growth in inbound tourists amounted to 16%. While outbound tourism has declined by 31.4%. Experts state that the structure of Russian tourism over the past year has changed significantly.