The head of the WTO: the multilateral negotiations in the organization are slow

At the conference in Nairobi will determine not only the specific current issues, but also should identify the General perspectives of global trade and whether the parties to continue negotiations within the Doha round, said WTO Director-General Roberto azevêdo.

NAIROBI, 15 Dec. Tenth Ministerial conference of the world trade organization in Nairobi has a chance of success, despite the fact that multilateral negotiations are proceeding slowly, said the WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo at a press conference opening the meeting. He called on WTO countries to think not only about current problems but about the future of the organization.

The WTO Ministerial conference held in Nairobi from 15 to 18 December. “I hope that in Nairobi will be able to conclude negotiations on many trade issues — food safety, transparency of the WTO and take measures against the poorest countries and electronic services,” said Azevedo.

“We have a very interesting intelligent agenda in Nairobi, but there is still a long way,” added the WTO Director-General and called upon all countries of the organization to be realistic and flexible in defending their positions. “It’s no secret that multilateral negotiations are slow, the participating countries focus more on bilateral and regional agreements,” said Azevedo.

In his view, WTO members should understand exactly what they want from the future of the organization. To decide will not only specific current issues, it is necessary to define a common vision of the prospects of global trade, and whether the parties to continue negotiations within the Doha round, Azevedo said.

The Doha round of negotiations, member countries of the WTO that began in 2001 in Qatar, is seeking to resolve trade conflicts between countries with different levels of economic development. It includes about 20 courses, the main ones are the negotiations on market access for goods and services, improvement of trade rules. The question of the necessity of continuing the Doha round or its completion is a major Ministerial meeting in Nairobi.

According to Azevedo, the system of global trade is changing constantly. “If we can find consensus on controversial issues — it will be a success,” he concluded.