The meeting of Putin, Lavrov and Kerry in Moscow. Text translation

The previous visit of U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry to Russia took place on 12 may this year, President Vladimir Putin took him at his Sochi residence Bocharov stream – also after the negotiations the Secretary of state with the foreign Minister of the Russian Federation. Then the meeting is initially scheduled for 90 minutes lasted more than four hours, with part time it was held in an informal setting.

18.37 GMT Putin said that he was glad of this opportunity to discuss the U.S. proposals with Kerry.

18.36 GMT Kerry said at a meeting with Putin, however Russia and USA can do a lot to advance in the problem of Syria.

18.31 GMT Putin said that Lavrov told him about the American proposals and issues that require further discussion.

“The Minister (Sergey) Lavrov to me now reported in detail and about Your proposals, and some of the issues that require further discussion. I am very happy to meet with You and discuss all these issues,” said Kerry.

18.29 GMT the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin accepts U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
The foreign Ministers will report to the Russian President about the results of their current negotiations.

From the Russian side, in addition to Lavrov, in a meeting also attended by the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, U.S. Deputy Secretary of state Victoria Nuland, special assistant to the President for Russia Celeste Wallander and the US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft.