The operator of the Moscow metro Wi-Fi are going to cooperate with the subways USA

Moscow. December 15. The operator of the WiFi network of the Moscow metro “Maximalism” in talks on cooperation with the American metro cities, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Sergey Aslanyan reporters on Tuesday.

“We had a pretty specific negotiations, we met with almost all big players in this market. There is clearly a huge demand for our technology. It is quite difficult to implement the project, we actually created a platform to monetize free Wi-Fi,” said Aslanyan.

According to him, “Maximalism” is also negotiating on cooperation with the American company Amtrack passenger.

The company does not specify in what form you plan to interact with American partners – will “Maximalism” to sell the right to use its business model or be directly involved in the construction of networks. As expected, the first city in the United States that in 2016 the project will be implemented, will be in new York.

“Maximalism”, which belongs to the group of private investors headed by former CEO of SITRONICS Aslanyan, in July 2013 became the only participant and winner of the auction of the Moscow metro for the construction of WiFi network. The network was launched on 1 December 2014.

In the construction of a Wi-Fi network “Maximalism” has invested $70 million the payback Period is currently estimated at 5 years (previously, the company was named seven-year term).

The main source of the operator’s revenue – mobile advertising. According to Aslanyan, by the end of 2015 revenue from mobile advertising and charges users for access to the network without viewing the ads will be 75% of total revenue. For the year of paid access to the network paid 50 thousand subscribers.