“The Russian capital” to Finance itself initially objects SU-155

MOSCOW, Dec 15. Funding for completion of projects the group of companies “SU-155” in the initial phase will be for the account of the Bank “Russian capital”, said the head of the Bank Mikhail Kuzovlev at the meeting in the Ministry of construction on issues of the group.

He said that on the completion of all the objects you need about 39 billion, 24 billion plan to bail out by selling apartments, 15 — at the expense of the group’s assets.

“At the initial stage the Bank will Finance the construction at his own expense,” Kuzovlev said, adding that more will be attracted by these sources.

Currently the group of companies “SU-155” is in a difficult financial situation and has overdue obligations. Claims about bankruptcy “SU-155” gave the Bank “Globex”, VTB, Sberbank, Glavgosstroynadzor Moscow region, a number of companies and individuals To monitor the construction and transfer of apartments the group of companies “SU-155” plans to attract a group “BIN”. The sanator GC “SU-155” will become the Bank “Russian capital”.