Transneft resumed pumping oil in the Orenburg region

Transneft resumed pumping oil in the Orenburg region

Oil transportation resumed in 18.04 GMT, after been liquidated the unauthorized insert in the oil pipeline “the Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuibyshev”, the company said.

MOSCOW, Dec 15. Transneft resumed pumping oil through the pipeline “the Nizhnevartovsk-Kurgan-Kuibyshev” in the Orenburg region, measures for elimination of consequences of unauthorized tie-ins continue, the company said.

Breakout of main oil pipeline company “Transneft — Privolga” occurred Tuesday in the Buguruslan district of Orenburg region, the spill area was 500 square meters. The nature of the damage — unauthorized tie-in, spread of 8.5 cubic metre of oil. The pipeline has been stopped. There were no injuries, the threat of hit of oil in the reservoirs no.

“Completed work on the elimination of unauthorized connections on the pipeline “the Nizhnevartovsk-Kurgan-Kuibyshev”. Oil transportation resumed in 18.04 MSK. Measures to eliminate the consequences of unauthorized tie-ins continue. Involved 66 people and 20 pieces of equipment. The unauthorized tie-conducted investigative actions”, — the company said.

The company explained that “Transneft” can fairly quickly eliminate the criminal frame and to restore the transport in case it is stopped, the available equipment and skills of the staff allow it. “However, “Transneft” much more forces and means have to spend for elimination of ecological consequences of such criminal incidents”, — noted there.