Analyst: signs of improvement in relations between Russia and France is already visible

Analyst: signs of improvement in relations between Russia and France is already visible

To change the situation in a positive way can joint the fight against terrorism, in which the President of Russia Vladimir Putin plays a huge role, says ex-Deputy of Parliament, doctor of economic Sciences Ivan Blo.

PARIS, 16 Dec. Signs indicating the improvement in relations between Russia and France have begun to appear, said Tuesday the ex-Deputy of Parliament, doctor of Economics, political scientist Ivan Block during the presentation of his book “Putin’s Russia” in Paris.

“Now not the most favorable period, it’s true. But there are things that will help us to improve the situation — for example, the fight against terrorism. (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is playing a huge role in this fight — it is understood the French, it is understood by the French government. This circumstance is incredibly conducive to the rapprochement of our two countries. A year ago the situation was quite different, but I now believe that the policy of Russia, our country will once again be converging,” said the analyst.

The book Block was released in the publishing house Bernard Giovanangeli Editeur is still quite a modest circulation of 2 thousand copies in the French language. It is expected that in the winter of 2016 there will be a presentation of the publication in the Russian language, for readers from Russia.

“I wrote a book about Putin’s Russia, because I love the truth and have heard a lot of lies about Russia from people who don’t know this country and protect foreign interests that have nothing to do with the interests of France. I wrote this book to restore this justice and show that Russia is powerful and great in many respects the country”, — said the author of the book, answering the question.

In turn, the publisher of the book is — Bernard Giovanangeli believes that the book Block appeared very timely.

“I think that now this book is exceptionally relevant. Now we are seeing a dramatic reversal in relations with Russia on the international scene: Russia is back on the world stage, we see Russia’s participation in the campaign in Syria… And it is very important that the book about Putin appeared at this moment,” says the publisher.

From September 30 to Russia at the request of President Bashar al-Assad began in Syria strike point air strikes against the “Islamic state” (Arabic name — DAYS) and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (both groups were banned in Russia). During this time, aerospace forces, with the participation of ships of the Caspian flotilla and black sea fleet submarine “Rostov-on-don” destroyed several hundred fighters and thousands of targets for terrorists.

Parallel to the strikes in Syria strikes the U.S.-led “coalition antiepilepsy” without a corresponding mandate from the Syrian authorities. With it, Russia will share information about the flights, but greater coordination is still lacking. The West accuses Russia that it is bombing not only targets for terrorists but also the position of the so-called moderate opposition. The defense Ministry calls the allegations baseless.