“Gazprom” and “Surgutneftegaz” have renewed the agreement on modernization of refineries until 2020

Moscow. December 16. “Gazprom” and “Surgutneftegaz” have signed the quadripartite agreement on the modernization of oil refineries in the 2015-2020 year, told reporters Deputy head of Rostekhnadzor Svetlana Rodionova.

“By results of work of the government Commission, presidential Commission on fuel and energy complex, there are planned changes that will be made in the quadripartite agreement with the companies. Today, with two companies of the quadripartite agreement oversubscribed. Is “Gazprom”, and last week we signed an agreement with “Surgutneftegaz” for the changes they want to make based on macroeconomic component, the needs of the market, but considering the need to ensure the domestic market with gasoline,” said she.

“”Surgutneftegaz” there is a slight shift to the right from 2016 to 2017, one isomerization unit, but it is justified, no shortage of fuel it is. Moreover, the company this year launched a large amount of units of the hydrocracking complex, more than what was planned under quadripartite agreements,” – said Rodionov.

She noted that many companies will move to more distant period, the construction of installations related to production of diesel fuel.

“Many companies are part of the installations, the construction of which is stipulated in the quadripartite agreements for 2015-2020, going to the right, seeing no economic feasibility. This will, in particular, most of the diesel fuel. The market is filled, we have no shortage of this fuel, so many companies move their construction to the right, that is also economically justified,” – said the Deputy head of Rostechnadzor.

“All gasolines are adjusted to the right shift of the energy Ministry to calculate the balance and avoid a deficit,” she said.