Medvedev: Russia supports the establishment of an international organization to regulate the Internet

UJANG /EASTERN CHINA/, December 16. Russia advocates the creation of an international organization to regulate the Internet. This was announced by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the opening ceremony of the Second world conference on Internet governance.

“We support a course on strengthening the role of the global community in Internet governance and global policy-making in this area. We believe that this should be done under the auspices of the leading international institutions, including the UN, based on the relevant industry organization, the international telecommunication Union. We believe that in the future this organization or another, if established, could be empowered, and she could be granted the rights to develop international legal norms and standards in the field of Internet governance”, – said Medvedev. He added that such an organization “could provide coordination of the relevant international organizations”.

Equitable regulation

Medvedev stressed that Russia has consistently called for equitable regulation of the Internet in all countries of the world.

“Russia has consistently called for equitable access of States to govern the Internet, as well as their sovereign right to regulate its national segments,” he said. Medvedev stressed that “no country today can claim to be a universal regulator of the global network”.

Medvedev also said that the field of information security requires the attention of the world community on the background of increased use of the Internet by terrorists.

2.2% of the country’s GDP

The Prime Minister also noted that more than half of Russians use the Internet, and the volume of the Internet economy of the Russian Federation is about 2.2% of GDP.

“If we talk about the Russian segment of the Internet, last year it celebrated its 20th anniversary, its audience in the last year increased almost 80 million people, currently more than half of our population uses Internet and the total Internet economy in our country is estimated to be about 2.2% of the gross domestic product of the country,” Medvedev said. He added that many Russian IT companies have made a breakthrough in the international market, became well-known in the market.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that information technology will continue to develop actively in Russia.