More than three hours, Putin and Kerry discussed Syria, Ukraine and the fight against terrorism

More than three hours, Putin and Kerry discussed Syria, Ukraine and the fight against terrorism

MOSCOW, December 16. Which lasted over three hours the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry brought no breakthroughs in relations between the two countries. However, the parties were able to discuss and even to bring closer the positions on settlement in Syria, Ukraine and terrorism. Following the talks, Kerry said that the United States does not seek to isolate Russia intend to cooperate with Moscow in the fight against terrorism and work together to solve the Syrian problem.

Day Kerry

Last day at the head of the U.S. state Department has been very busy – Kerry held talks with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov was received by President of the Russian Federation and has undertaken “the session of the people’s diplomacy” on the Arbat, talking with the Russians. Hillary Clinton even managed to buy Souvenirs for loved ones.

At the meeting in the Kremlin the President of Russia noted that in the Russian capital see how much effort the American Secretary of state making “to resolve a number of very acute problems.” “Don’t have time to track You, Your movements, – with a smile Putin said. – You need to sleep, I see.” However, after these words the head of the Russian state, the Russian foreign Minister, U.S. Secretary of state and the members of the two delegations talked more than three hours.

The Syrian problem

One of the main issues in the negotiations in the Kremlin was Syria. “We believe that we must act in a collective format that includes all key players, so or otherwise affecting the parties fighting in Syria, and in the format that was approved by the UN Security Council,” – said after the meeting the Russian foreign Minister. Lavrov also noted that Russia and the United States reaffirmed the agreements on the settlement in Syria, achieved in the framework of the “Vienna meeting”.

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Speaking about the delegation of the Syrian opposition, the Minister indicated that it “must be representative, must be prepared to negotiate with the delegation of the Syrian government in a constructive manner, in line with those principles, which were approved by the members of the International support group in Syria”.

In turn, the U.S. Secretary of state expressed confidence that Moscow and Washington can do much to solve Syria. “As “vein-1 and vein-2″ is a good start. And it opens a number of opportunities,” he said. Kerry also thanked Putin for his hospitality and for the efforts made by the Russian foreign Minister and his team in cooperation with the United States.

There were, however, without the traditional statements of the American side that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must go. “We said that we do not believe that Assad has the opportunity to be the leader of Syria in the future,” Kerry said to journalists after the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation. However, there is reservation that the parties to today’s talks “focused on what can be done immediately against Assad”. “We have focused on the political process,” he added.

Fixed in UN security Council resolution

Thanks to the efforts of Russia, USA and other participants of the Syrian settlement seems to have moved from a dead point. To secure success, it was decided to convene on December 18 in new York meeting on Syria, which is scheduled to adopt a resolution of the UN Security Council and thereby confirm the agreements reached in Vienna on October 30 and November 14, Lavrov said.

The head of Russian diplomacy supported his American colleague. “We agreed to a meeting of the International support group for Syria, under the auspices of the UN to reiterate all that we discussed, and to discuss next steps, which I hope will lead to a ceasefire,” said Kerry.

Terrorism is dangerous for everyone

Russia and the U.S. are confident that the fight against terrorism needs joint efforts, so try to bring their positions closer on the methods of this struggle. “Confirmed today the agreements that were reached between the military of the Russian Federation and the United States, and agreements that apply to the United States led a coalition to combat “Islamic state” (ISIS is a terrorist group banned in Russia),” – said Lavrov. He also noted that “in practical terms agreed on some further steps that will help to make the fight against terrorism more effective.”

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The parties, according to the head of the Russian foreign Ministry, agreed “to continue the work, which is at a sufficiently advanced stage in terms of compiling a unified list of terrorist organizations”. In turn, Kerry said that the US and Russia closer together the positions on the list of terrorist groups. All participants of the negotiations on Syria agree that terrorists are (banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group) “Islamic state” and Jabhat al-Nusra, said the US Secretary of state.

At a meeting with Russian President Kerry stressed that the United States stands ready to work with Russia to defeat the “Islamic state”. “In the interests of our countries and the global community that Russia and the U.S. worked effectively”, – he said. “I reaffirmed to President Putin that U.S. ready to work with Russia to defeat the ISIL (formerly ISIS),” said Kerry.

“We agree that ISIS is a threat to all of us, for the countries of the region,” he said. Despite disagreement on some issues, Russia and the United States believes that “Syria should be a country without ISIS”, and intend to continue efforts to eliminate this group, he added.

The Minsk agreement

At the meeting in Kremlin the parties discussed the Ukrainian issue. Russia and the United States reaffirmed support for the Minsk agreements on Ukraine, Lavrov said following the talks. “The Russian Federation and the USA, building on the agreements in principle reached between presidents Putin and Obama reaffirm their support of the Minsk agreements, support “Normandy format” and will use their opportunities to achieve full implementation of the Minsk agreements”, – said the Minister.

While Lavrov noted that Russia “has specific ideas about how most effectively to promote”. “We hope to stay in contact with our American colleagues,” he added.

The sooner will be performed Minsk agreement, the sooner will be cancelled U.S. sanctions and the EU against Russia, said in turn the US Secretary of state. “Steps should be taken regarding the implementation of the Minsk agreements, to continue their joint efforts to resolve the conflict in Ukraine”, – said Kerry. “We also believe that needs to be performed the obligations of each party to the Minsk agreement”, – said the Secretary of state.

Washington isolates

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Speaking to reporters after meeting with Russian head of state, Kerry said that Washington is not pursuing a policy that aims to isolate Russia. The words of U.S. President Barack Obama about Russia’s isolation were caused by the situation with Crimea, he said. “We wanted then to make a statement about what happened, she said. But we always say that when the US and Russia find areas of agreement, it is in the interests of the whole world. I think this is a demonstration of maturity both leaders and the importance of their role – that despite our differences in Ukraine, we managed to take out chemical weapons from Syria”.

“We are making joint efforts on Iran, cooperating on the issue of Syria, because ISIS is a threat to all of us”, – said the head of American diplomacy. “Countries should cooperate to establish links with each other and to solve various problems. Today we are here to solve problems. This is good diplomacy,” he said.

“The US does not have a specific policy on the isolation of the Russian Federation. We have a position related to the fact that we defend our principles and values. But, like I said, it is important for us to find areas of agreement and constructive behavior,” concluded Kerry.