Naryshkin asked the deputies to leave the phones in the offices in front of a closed meeting with Shoigu

MOSCOW, December 16. State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin on the eve of the closed “Government hour” defense Minister Sergei Shoigu asked the deputies to leave in the offices of communications and recording.

“As the meeting closed, in accordance with the regulations can not carry in the hall and use during the session, mobile and other means of communication, means of recording, so I ask all deputies to leave (approx.) in their official offices”, – Naryshkin said, addressing the deputies.

The state Duma will hold a 12:30 MSK “Government hour” defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The event will be held closed to the press – this is the traditional format of meetings with the head of the military Department. The report will also act as supervising the defence sector, the Chairman of the accounts chamber Vera Chistova.

Prior to that, Shoigu reported to the deputies in June 2014.