Rostec: the Russian Federation is considering the possibility of organizing production of Mi-34 in China

BEIJING, December 16. /Corr. Roman Balandin/. Russia and China were considering setting up in China of joint production of Russian light helicopter Mi-34. On Wednesday in Beijing in an interview with reporters said the head of the representative office of Rostec to China Aleksey Grishin.

“We have now the moment of truth, we need to actually promote our products. It is not just about supplying products, but will talk about that, maybe we will do something together,” he said. “There is a project of the Mi-34 is a light helicopter. Now consider the possibility of using Chinese engine and the joint Assembly here in China,” – said Grishin.

“The management of the Corporation AVIC (China aviation industry company) is very promising evaluates the project and believes that, despite the intense competition, it will be very in demand,” he concluded.

Russia and China will sign the contract on creation Russian-Chinese helicopter in the middle of 2016

At the same time, Deputy CEO of rostec Dmitry Shugaev said that Moscow and Beijing plan to sign the contract on creation Russian-Chinese heavy helicopter the AHL (Advanced Heavy-Lifter) in the middle of 2016.

“We can say that there is the desire of the parties to sign a contract and intergovernmental agreement by the middle of next year. This is the normal time for such volume of work, he said. – It won’t happen until the end of the year due to objective circumstances”.

“The parties came to the conclusion that the most efficient and effective simultaneously with the General contract to sign subcontracts for the development of major systems and components of the helicopter”, – explained the head of the representative office of Rostec and China Alexei Grishin.
“This, in turn, entails a large amount of technical consultations between experts. However, it will also allow us to more accurately assess the volume of works, their cost and the equity share of each of the parties,” he explained.

Russian holding “Russian Helicopters” (part of state Corporation rostec) and China’s AVIC (China aviation industry company) jointly lead the development of future Russian-Chinese heavy helicopter the AHL (Advanced Heavy-Lifter).

According to the presented in September 2015 data, the AHL will be equipped with seven-bladed main and five-blade tail rotor. Maximum take-off weight of rotorcraft will be the 38.2 tons, service ceiling – 5.7 thousand meters the flight Range of the helicopter will reach 630 km, maximum speed – 300 km/h. the Capacity of the AHL when the location of the cargo inside the cabin will be 10 t and 15 t when it is placed on the external sling. Thus, despite the fact that the project is based on the word’s biggest helicopter Mi-26, its characteristics in terms of carrying capacity will not be exceeded.

In November of the current year the General Director of holding “Helicopters of Russia” Alexander Mikheyev said that in the framework of the AHL, the Russian side is responsible for creating transmission and steering screw. He also explained that the possibility to create a helicopter engine for this machine on the basis of gas generator of PD-14 engine.