Sands: the Kremlin has no “plan by integrity” the Seagull

Sands: the Kremlin has no “plan by integrity” the Seagull

MOSCOW, December 16. In the Kremlin “plan by integrity” Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika no, told journalists the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“No untouchable”

“Plan integrity is inviolable and there is also no”, – he told, answering the request of journalists to comment on media reports of the plan allegedly developed immunity Gulls.

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The court returned the claim of the FBC to the public Prosecutor the Seagull because of lack of jurisdiction

“Some arguments in the newspaper RBC without specific examples, without specific references,” he described the publication of the representative of the Kremlin.

“The authorities have developed the attitude towards the publication Fund of the Bulk of the business of the family of the Prosecutor General. The investigation is not carried out, the question of extending the powers of the Seagull be solved without taking account of the scandal, discredit Navalny himself and FBK,” wrote RBC.

BCF, founded by Alexei Navalny, 1 December published an investigation, in which, inter alia, States that one of the sons of the public Prosecutor ostensibly speaks Greek hotel, besides the sons of the public Prosecutor are allegedly shareholders in two key companies of Russian Railways.

The Prosecutor General is called the accusations false.

On the Fund of struggle against corruption

The Fund of struggle against corruption was established by Alexei Navalny in 2011, its Director is Roman Rubanov, Executive Director Vladimir Ashurkov. The most famous anti-corruption project of the Foundation website “Rospil”.

“The customers won’t stop”

Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika is sure that the customers of the film Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) about members of his family are British citizen William Browder and behind him the American special services. The attorney General said, responding to the question “Kommersant”.

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The Federation Council will not take formal action on FBK publications about a family of Seagulls

“I have no doubt that customers of this deceitful film are W. Browder and its intelligence agencies. As a significant confirmation of this after spreading of the film in Russia at me and members of my family committed an unprecedented powerful, offensive attack in the Newspapers, on television, on the Internet in several European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Greece, and others),” said Chaika.

According to him, Navalny himself “played a very modest role in this story”.

“The other investigation made by them, and his partners in the crime continues. The case was formed a powerful investigative group, her work is markedly activated. The investigation is carried out in several countries. The results definitely will have for W. Browder highly undesirable consequences – not only for him,” said the attorney General.

Russian court Browder was previously found guilty of tax crimes and sentenced in absentia to 9 years in prison.

“The case of Magnitsky and Browder”. Help