The crisis has not let the founder of Alibaba in the economic possibilities of the Russian Federation

Moscow. December 16. Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group Jack MA sees opportunities in Russia even in the conditions of economic crisis. He said this in an interview with Bloomberg on the sidelines of the Second world conference on Internet governance in Wuzhen (China).

Earlier, top managers of Alibaba has repeatedly stated interest in the Russian market, in particular, in November it was to increase the number of Russian sellers on the sites of Internet retailer, including Aliexpress.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal at the same event Jack MA tried to justify the purchase of the largest English-language Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP), which has attracted so much attention both in China and in the West, sparking a debate about press freedom in Hong Kong.

Jack MA emphasized that there is no reason to assume that the SCMP to lose editorial independence. “Trust us. Why should people assume that if the paper belongs to us, it loses its independence? With others why this should not happen? We also read Newspapers. We also want media independence and integrity”, he said.

About buying SCMP was announced last Friday. According to the company-operator of the SCMP Group, the transaction amount exceeded 2 billion Hong Kong dollars ($266 million).

Meanwhile on Tuesday, Alibaba has signed two landmark agreements. Affiliated e-Commerce platform Taobao has agreed with China’s largest operator of problem loans China Huarong Asset Management on the sale of “toxic assets” through the website The auction will be exhibited distressed assets cost to 51.5 billion yuan ($8 billion).

In addition, Alibaba and Walt Disney have signed a multi-year licensing agreement for sales of service streaming video DisneyLife in China.

Alibaba owns China’s largest platforms of ecommerce, bringing them buyers and sellers and providing them with various services. While Alibaba accounted for 80% of the turnover of e-Commerce in the country, its services in China are nearly 280 million people. The company’s annual turnover is nearly $300 billion, annual revenue – $is 8.46 billion.