The founder of Alibaba supports Putin’s initiative on creation of a joint Internet platform

The founder of Alibaba supports Putin’s initiative on creation of a joint Internet platform

ZHEN /EAST CHINA/, December 16. /Corr. Alexey Selishev/. The founder of one of the largest online retailers of Alibaba Jack MA during a meeting with Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has declared that supports the initiative of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to create an online platform for the export of Russian goods.

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“We believe it is necessary to help SMEs to develop their activities. Therefore, I believe that the initiative of Vladimir Putin on creation of the private Internet sites will increase the export of Russian industrial goods production”, – he said.

“This will give Russia Alibaba and the possibility of joint development. We hope to participate actively in the development of Russian infrastructure for electronic Commerce and to participate in the creation of a platform of electronic Commerce”, – said the founder of Alibaba.

According to him, Russia must first develop the infrastructure of the Internet Finance and logistics. “It seems to me that in our time, a logistics system must be generated on the basis of digital data”, said Jack MA.

During his speech, he noted that Russia and China have the capacity to create a Internet platform, which will allow to sell Russian goods both in China and around the world. “This platform will allow to sell Russian goods in China, Asia and around the world. I think this is a good opportunity,” he said.

During his speech, Jack MA stressed the importance of youth participation in the process of creating a joint Internet platform, if such a decision will be made. “We believe that the world belongs to the youth. History of Internet technology twenty years in the next 30 years will open new opportunities in this area. Alibaba looked forward to working with the youth of Russia to create a new platform, most suitable for commercial development”, – said Jack MA.

Alibaba Group. Help

Alibaba Group is a Chinese private company working in the field of Internet Commerce. The group has its own electronic payment system Alipay, and manages the online stores of Taobao and AliExpress. About 22.5% of the Internet holding company owned by an American Yahoo, 34.3% of Japanese SoftBank, 8,9% – in Jack MA.

Project Putin

Earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin suggested to create the special project office, which will accompany large-scale economic projects, such as the creation of the Russian private Internet sites for Russian goods export to all world markets. Interviewed experts do not exclude that the country’s leadership seeks to repeat the experience of China to access the international markets.

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The President did not specify the details of the project, however, in his address to the Federal Assembly, he also stressed that Russia can become the world’s largest provider of healthy food, which “has long been lost in some of the Western manufacturers”.

The result of the implementation of this ambitious retail project is the exit of domestic producers to the international market in the shortest possible time and with minimal cost, confident in the Ministry of industry and trade. In Russia there is “a sufficient number of quality producers”, which thanks to the initiative of the President will significantly expand the markets, and it can take their business to the next level, noted in an interview with the Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Victor Evtukhov.

The President articulated the idea probably involves the creation of a unique in Russia large world market Platov: AliExpress,, Ebay, etc., experts and market players. “As I understand it, the aim is to repeat the Chinese experience in entering international markets”, – said the Director of the Russian Association for electronic communications (RAEC) Sergey Plugotarenko.

According to him, all the prerequisites to run such platforms in Russia, and they can be created based on existing online stores, and from scratch. However, in the second case for promotion will require more time.

“Made in Russia”

In turn, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on 13 December, recalled that Russia this year has launched an online project which allows Russian producers of clothing and shoes free of charge trading platform AliExpress (a subsidiary of the Chinese company online trading Alibaba) for sale of their products.

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In the directory AliExpress Russian goods marked with “Made in Russia”, their prices are in rubles.

“It is expected that by the end of this year will be presented on AliExpress about 100 domestic brands of apparel and accessories. I’m sure they will be interesting for those who live in Russia and foreign buyers,” – said Medvedev.

The Prime Minister stressed that for Russia the useful experience of China in the development of distance selling. “We are carefully studying the experiment of China in Hangzhou pilot zone of cross-border e-Commerce, the aim of which is to build the whole industrial chain of e-Commerce and to form the legal basis and rules of work in this sphere”, – concluded the head of the Russian Cabinet.

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