The IMF on Wednesday to determine the status of Ukraine’s debt to Russia

Moscow. December 16. The international monetary Fund on Wednesday to determine the status of the debt of Ukraine to Russia on Eurobonds in the amount of $3 billion, said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

“My proposals (restructuring of debt) formulated. We actually are waiting for the proposals of the debtor. Today the IMF must determine the status of the debt. Russia has sent a request today, even without meeting of the Board of governors, the Fund’s position was expressed, today is the third day, when the position may be challenged. If it is not challenged, today the Fund will make the verdict on the status of the debt”, – said Siluanov.

According to him, once the status is confirmed, Russia will negotiate with Ukraine on the change of the list of trade creditors, where it was included. “After confirming the status of the IMF Ukraine should, we believe, to decide how to revise the list of trade creditors, approved by the government”, – said Siluanov.

The Minister also expressed the view that the time for settlement of a debt of Ukraine in pre-trial mode there is little, since bonds must be repaid before the end of December.

Russia insists on the sovereign status of debt and restructuring for commercial creditors of Ukraine refused to participate, offering its own version (pay $1 billion in 2016-2018, subject to the warranty).

Earlier, the IMF approved a new rule allowing debtors to lend even in the event of a default on sovereign debt.