The Ministry of agriculture expressed hope for mild growth of prices due to the Turkish sanctions

Moscow. December 16. The growth of prices for vegetables and fruits for new year holidays on the background of the sanctions of Russia against Turkey will be insignificant, hopes the head of the Ministry Alexander Tkachev.

“We hope that this increase will be insignificant, and it will not affect the family budget, especially in this wonderful celebration,” said Tkachev in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”, answering the question of the control by the state over possible speculation and conspiracy in connection with predamage against Turkey.

According to Tkacheva, no serious collusion of manufacturers or suppliers in the market should not be, since they keenly watching the Federal Antimonopoly service and other regulatory organizations.”

“For the sake of objectivity I must say that by the New year there is always a small leap, he was justified, because the increased demand. And here 1-1,5%. Here, of course, impossible to block, control and make even the prices for the New year fell. It is the market, and we understand that such tools and levers the state has no”, – said Tkachev.

Meanwhile, the price of tomatoes, the largest article of import of vegetables from Turkey, continue to grow rapidly, according to the data of Rosstat. During the week of December 8-14, tomatoes rose by 9% (from 1 to 7 December – 6.6%).

At the end of the year the price of tomatoes has traditionally rise due to seasonality, however, the growth rates in recent years were not recorded. So, in December of 2013 for the entire month, the prices for tomatoes increased by 4.5%. Last year, when Russia imposed an predamage in a number of countries, the price increase was notably higher, but still not as significant as it is now – 4.3% and 4.8% respectively during the first two weeks of the month.