The speaker: you must update the agenda of the world trade organization

The speaker: you must update the agenda of the world trade organization

The participants of the WTO have gathered in the Kenyan capital to discuss the future of global trade. One of the key issues on the agenda was the Doha round of negotiations, which, according to the head of the Ministry of economic development, may last for many years.

NAIROBI, 16 Dec. Agenda for the day of world trade organisation on the Doha development round needs to be updated, said the head of Ministry of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev.

In the capital of Kenya from 15th to 18th of December is the tenth Ministerial conference of the WTO. Question, to continue or to conclude the Doha round of negotiations, member countries of the WTO that began in 2001 in Qatar, is one of the key agenda of the conference in Nairobi. It is intended to solve trade conflicts between countries with different levels of economic development and includes about 20 courses, the main ones are the negotiations on market access for goods and services, improvement of trade rules.

“There are two extreme points of view. One extreme point of view 15 years ago when we started (the Doha round — ed.) for 15 years, only one agreement can achieve is to simplify trade regimes. If this pace we will go, we will need 200 years (to complete all the talks — ed.)”, — said Ulyukayev.

New life to the WTO

According to the speaker, since the adoption of the decision on the Doha round, much has changed.

“Life during this time has not stood still while we in the framework of the agenda worked, there was absolutely fundamentally different things like electronic Commerce. It also needs the comprehension and incorporation. This means that we need to give a fresh start to the Doha round. Others say that we need to reaffirm our commitment to the Doha Development Agreement, how much time — many will work. We are rather closer to the first than to the second,” confirmed the position of Russia Ulyukayev.

“This can be called the new agenda — the Doha round must continue, but on somewhat different basis, the mandate must be changed,” said the Minister.

The meeting in Nairobi

The economic development Minister on Wednesday held a series of meetings on the sidelines of the conference, including WTO Director General Roberto Azevedo. “We discussed how to reach the outcome, to achieve something now and agree that we will reach further,” Ulyukayev said.

According to him, the meeting participants agreed that the main thing is not to link the issues on which there is consensus, important for specific countries, but not directly attributable to the business requirements.

“If we achieve two things — take the package to export competition and agree on how we continue to work, as updated in the Doha agenda, then we can say that the meeting in Nairobi failed,” — said Ulyukayev.

At the meeting of the BRICS Ministers also discussed the WTO, but the consolidated position of these countries on the agenda of the organization yet.

“This is the main problem, we tried to reach some common understanding. The issue of food security, which says India is extremely important for BRICS countries and for a wider range of countries. But the workaround is valid today, standing should be made before 2017. We propose now to focus on developing a concrete work plan towards achieving the agreements. Should be created the working group, held seminars, some discussion,” — said Ulyukayev.

On Thursday the head of Ministry of economic development will hold a meeting with EU Commissioner for trade Cecilia malmström, on which, in particular, to raise an issue on the WTO agenda.

“We understand similar issues of the WTO and, I think, rationally understand it, I want us to be understood, including in conversations with other countries”, — concluded the speaker.