The visit of Kerry to Moscow: the US does not want Russia’s isolation

The visit of Kerry to Moscow: the US does not want Russia’s isolation

The main theme of Madame Clinton’s visit to Moscow became the Syrian settlement. Washington, as emphasized by John Kerry, is willing to work with Moscow in the fight against terrorist group “Islamic state”.

MOSCOW, 16 Dec. The main theme of the visit of U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry to Moscow, where he held talks not only with Russia’s foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, and Russian President Vladimir Putin expected was the Syrian settlement and coordination of the fight against terrorism.

According to Kerry, he told the Russian President that the U.S. was willing to work with Russia in order to combat terrorist group “Islamic state” (Arabic name — DAYS prohibited in Russia). In this case, Kerry made a surprise announcement that the U.S. and partners currently do not seek to change the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The topic of Ukraine also has not been forgotten, including in relation to sanctions against Russia from the EU and the USA and with the implementation of the Minsk agreements. The US Secretary of state stressed that the U.S. does not pursue a policy of isolation of Russia.

The U.S. is ready to joint the fight against ISIS

The previous Putin’s talks with Kerry Lavrov with the participation took place seven months ago in Sochi, the current lasted three hours – an hour less than it was then. At that time the main attention was paid to the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis. Now the main topic of Kerry’s visit was expected the Syrian settlement and how to make the fight against terrorism, more coordinated, and the bilateral Russian-American relations.

Meeting the Russian leader with the foreign Ministers of the two countries started at 18.25 GMT. Following the talks, Lavrov and Kerry at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, after which Kerry walked around Moscow, in particular, visited the Arbat, where he bought a few Souvenirs, a total of 35 thousand rubles.

Opening the meeting, Putin stressed that Russia and the US are looking for the solution of the complex crises. He said that the Minister briefed him on the proposals of the USA and some of the issues that require further discussion. Kerry, in turn, said that negotiations on the Syrian settlement open up a whole new range of possibilities, and the United States and Russia together can do a lot.

After the meeting in a trilateral format Kerry and Lavrov at a joint press conference said that the talks were concrete and substantive, it is necessary to move forward on settlement of the Syrian crisis that Russia and the U.S. must continue to work together to find a solution to the Syrian crisis at the meeting of the support group Syria in new York this Friday.

As said Kerry, from effective collaboration the US and Russia benefits both parties and the world community in General, Washington is ready to work with Moscow in the fight against ISIS.

“There is no doubt that when the U.S. and Russia are working together effectively, both parties benefit, as well as the international community,” Kerry said.

As an example, he cited the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. An important stage in this process was passed on Wednesday, when the IAEA Board of governors agreed on an appropriate resolution, reminded the Secretary of state. “Our meeting mainly focusing on Syria, the fight against terrorism and the Ukraine. I reaffirmed to President Putin that U.S. ready to work with Russia in order to fight against IG”, — said Kerry.

The convergence of views on Syria

While Kerry stressed that Moscow and Washington closer together the positions on complex issues in Syria.

“Indeed, we have found some areas of agreement, and we talked about the difficulty of the classification of terrorist groups. But I can’t talk about what we have agreed on a bilateral basis. Because, as Sergey said (Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov), the entire group (supporting Syria) should participate in this discussion, and it is important that all contributed to those decisions, and the results that occur. But we have positive results in regard to these difficulties, how to cope with them. We certainly agree that ISIS and al-Nusra front (“jabhat al-EN-Nusra” — ed.) are beyond the scope of this process. Everyone agrees, it’s unanimous,” said he.

However, Kerry said what still managed to agree – particularly about the exchange of data between Russia and the United States on the fields of operations in Syria against the terrorists.

“We also talked about the areas in which we and Russia are conducting operations, and we talked about how to ensure that our military knew where everyone works,” said Kerry at a press conference with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the Kremlin on Wednesday night.

Lavrov confirmed that Moscow and Washington agreed on further steps that will help to do the job of combating terrorism more coordinated.

“The reaffirmed agreements that were reached between the military of the Russian Federation and the United States, and agreements that apply to the US led coalition that is working against ISIS. And in practical terms agreed on some further steps that will help our work in parallel to make a more coordinated and effective,” he said.

The U.S. does not seek to overthrow Assad

Kerry stated that he presented in Moscow the U.S. position on the impossibility of preserving in the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power, however, according to him, at negotiations in Moscow the parties have focused not on the differences on Syria, including Assad, and how to promote polutoragodovaly

In this case, Kerry made a surprise announcement that the U.S. and partners currently do not seek regime change in Syria.

“The U.S. and our partners are not seeking to change the so-called regime in Syria. We said that we do not believe that (Syrian President Bashar) Assad has the opportunity to be a leader in the future, but today we focus not on our differences,” he said.

Kerry also added that it is necessary to intensify political settlement in Syria. “Today we have discussed the need to intensify efforts to work through this process together with the UN,” he said.

In this case, Kerry said that the meeting with Lavrov voiced the concern of Washington in connection with the alleged airstrikes HQs of the Russian Federation on positions of the moderate Syrian opposition. In the words of U.S. Secretary of state, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin took this information into consideration.

In anticipation of the meeting on Syria in new York

A separate topic was the preparation of the meeting of the international support group in Syria new York, which is scheduled for December 18. In particular, in new York, the band members hope to continue the work on compiling the list of recognized terrorist organizations and the formation of groups of the Syrian opposition for talks with Damascus.

Mr. Lavrov said Moscow and Washington have found it necessary to reaffirm the Vienna agreement on Syria in the UN security Council resolution. “Having agreed to continue work on the terrorist problem and on the organization of negotiations between the government and the opposition, we, however, consider it appropriate at this stage to confirm the agreements that were reached in Vienna on 30 October and 14 November — Lavrov said.

According to him, this will be done in the form of a resolution of the UN security Council, the draft of which will be developed by December 18 in new York at a regular meeting of the International support group in Syria.

“To this end, we support the idea of convening in new York this Friday, 18 December, the next meeting of the international support group Syria at the Ministerial level and we hope that at its end, with the consent of all its members, we will be able to submit for consideration by the Security Council draft resolution, which will reaffirm all the principles contained in the Vienna document, the Vienna Declaration of October 30, and in the Vienna statement on November 14”, — said Lavrov.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry pointed out that at the meeting in new York, Russia expects more information about the initiative of Riyadh under the new coalition against terrorism and the meeting of the “friends of Syria” in Paris. Speaking of the coalitions against terrorism in Syria, he noted that the preferred collective format that includes all the players and approved by the United Nations.

The topic of Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions

Of course, we also touched upon the topic of Ukraine. Kerry reiterated that the sooner will be performed Minsk agreement, the faster sanctions against Russia from the EU and the USA will be cancelled. However, he said that the responsibility for the implementation of the Minsk agreements is the responsibility of all parties to the conflict in Ukraine,

“We believe that needs to be performed the obligations of each party in accordance with the Minsk agreements,” Kerry said. “We know we still have much work to do,” he added.

For its part, Lavrov said that Russia and the United States will use all possibilities to settle the Ukrainian crisis.

“Both Russia and the USA in the development of those agreements that were reached between presidents Putin and Obama, support the Minsk agreements and the Normandy format and will use all their capabilities in order to achieve full implementation of the Minsk agreements”, — said the Minister.

The US does not want isolation of Russia

U.S. Secretary of state following the talks in Moscow stressed that Washington is not pursuing a policy to isolate Russia. “We have no policy that aims at the isolation of Russia. No,” Kerry said.

“But we have always said that when the US and Russia are in agreement, it is in the interests of the whole world. I think this is a demonstration of maturity both leaders and the importance of their role,” added U.S. Secretary of state.

The theme of the isolation of the Russian Federation has been raised by chance – on the eve of the visit of Kerry to Moscow, the Russian foreign Ministry issued a statement from Washington on the eve of the visit of U.S. Secretary of state, there are claims about a certain “isolation” of Russia in the international arena”.