“Yandex.Money” will be able to work directly with MasterCard

Moscow. December 16. “Yandex. Money” became the first Russian payment service that will be able to work with MasterCard directly, without intermediaries, writes in Wednesday newspaper “Kommersant”.

The company received a license from MasterCard themselves and will release a Bank card, the balance of which will be linked to the electronic wallet. MasterCard confirmed the information. The license also gives the right to issue international cards.

As the newspaper notes, more than 700 Russian banks, only about 70 are principal members of MasterCard. The first joint project will be a World MasterCard card. Her owners enjoy the different privileges of the international payment system – for example, get discounts in shops, theatres, museums and restaurants.

“Yandex.Money” are card-based products since 2012, for which the company collaborated with Tinkoff Bank.

With the support of the Bank’s payment service has released more than 400 thousand plastic and about 10 million virtual cards. Card “Yandex.Money” Gold MasterCard, issued earlier Tinkoff Bank will continue to operate. The service will give them some time, users will be able to choose what kind to order MasterCard — World or Gold. Both cards support the technology PayPass for payment in one touch. In February, “Yandex.Money” will completely switch to the production of maps World of its own emission, and cooperation with Tinkoff Bank moves on to other projects.

Own emissions will allow users to go in General at a more favorable rate for conversion of currencies while payments in foreign stores: the calculations will take place at the exchange rate of MasterCard in rubles, while earlier were in dollars, indicate in “Yandex.Money”.

From 2013 on “Yandex.Money” are two of the shareholder – Sberbank (75% minus 1 ruble) and “Yandex” (25% plus 1 ruble). According to “SPARK-Interfax” the net profit of company “PS Yandex.Money” in 2014 totaled 98.8 mln. By the end of 2015, the service had registered about 25 million e-wallets, daily opens around 12 thousand new.