Zakharova: Moscow calls on Montenegro to hold a referendum on joining NATO

Zakharova: Moscow calls on Montenegro to hold a referendum on joining NATO

MOSCOW, December 16. In Moscow, noted the deep split in Montenegrin society on the topic of NATO membership and urged to hold a referendum on joining the Alliance. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

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As the diplomat noted, “the situation in Montenegro is complicated”. “It is a political crisis, accompanied by protests of citizens, – said Zakharov. In Montenegrin society remains deeply divided, especially on issues of membership of this Republic in NATO”.

“We believe that the Montenegrin people to have its say on the referendum on the issue – said Zakharov. – It would be a demonstration of democracy to which we appeal”.

Protests in Podgorica

According to media reports, early on the morning of 17 October, the Montenegrin police using non-lethal weapons , conducted from September 27 in front of the Parliament building in the capital Podgorica termless protest action.

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According to preliminary data, law enforcement agencies arrested 11 people, including members of Parliament from the opposition Democratic front. According to some reports, in medical institutions of Podgorica delivered dozens of people. Suffered and law enforcement officials.

At the beginning of October in the Montenegrin capital of Podgorica held a protest rally opposition against the policies of Prime Minister Milo djukanović, including against the country’s entry into NATO.

The protesters demanded that the Djukanovic resigned and a transitional government. They tried to break into the Parliament building, threw cordons of police with firecrackers and bottles.

In response, guards used tear gas and stun grenades. During clashes to disperse the demonstrators injured 15 police officers and 24.

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