Aeroflot transfers part of the spring domestic flights in “Domodedovo”

Moscow. December 17. “Aeroflot” intends in the spring to transfer some flights to Russia from the airport “Sheremetyevo” in “Domodedovo”, writes in Thursday newspaper “Kommersant”, citing a source in the Board of Directors of the airline.

Still other Moscow airports have only flown child carriers are state – owned “Russia”, “Orenburg airlines”, “Victory”. A change in strategy, according to the edition, possible due to infrastructure limitations “Sheremetyevo”, including due to the delay of construction of the third runway (runway). But at the airport, consider downloading far from the limit, and the sources of the newspaper in the market as one of the versions put forward plans to increase competition “Aeroflot” now with the second Russian airline “Siberia”.
According to the newspaper, there is a transfer from spring 2016 “to 15 domestic flights”. It is not about the relocation from Sheremetyevo (Aeroflot accounts for 80% of passenger traffic) and the reverse flight, which will be used for up to eight aircraft (Shuttle flights between the two cities), said the source. The flights will be operated including to popular destinations – in Petersburg, Sochi, Kaliningrad and Simferopol, now go fly subsidiary “Aeroflot”, “Russia” and “Orenburg airlines”. The interlocutor of “Kommersant” explained decision “concerns regarding the throughput capacity of Sheremetyevo.

In “Sheremetyevo” know the plans “Aeroflot”, but insist that “passenger traffic at the airport not at the limit”, especially after the introduction of restrictions on flights to Turkey and Egypt. In the next two to three years is not expected any problems in servicing international routes, according to “the Sheremetyevo”. Believe that Aeroflot replaces a part of domestic flights of “Transaero” in Domodedovo, which at the same time are made of “Sheremetyevo” on similar routes.

At the same time, on Wednesday, the head of the Directorate of financial analysis “Sheremetyevo” to Alexey Podgorny said at a meeting in RSPP that the airport reaches capacity on two runways, they can serve no more than 280 thousand takeoffs and landings a year. But the construction of the third runway to the world Cup 2018 goes with a considerable lag due to the change of contractor. The Federal air transport Agency said that the contract with the contractor for the construction of a third runway at the registration stage, it needs to be concluded before the end of the year. In “Domodedovo” the newspaper said only that the schedule for the spring and summer will be created by March 2016.

Aeroflot was talking about the redistribution of power in the Moscow aviation hub from 2013, again referring to bandwidth limitations “Sheremetyevo”. A source familiar with the situation said that about the infrastructure constraints, forcing Aeroflot to transfer flights, CEO Vitaly Savelyev said at a meeting of the government Commission on the development programme of the company. The first step was the transfer of flights of affiliated companies “Aeroflot” in “Vnukovo” with the winter schedule 2015-2016. Now from the carry out flights “Russia”, “Orenburg airlines”, “Victory”. With autumn in “Domodedovo” are transferred to the flights of Donavia flies from there “Russia” expanded presence “Orenburg airlines”.

The newspaper’s sources in the market believe that the presence of “Aeroflot” in “Domodedovo” will make a serious competition “Siberia” (S7). The company declined to comment. The interlocutor of “Kommersant” notices that to withstand the pricing competition “Siberia” needs at the expense of higher operating efficiency (for her airport is the base). Boris Rybak from Infomost agree that Aeroflot comes from considerations of competition, but adds that the work of several airports will increase costs, because companies need to keep there service infrastructure.