Big press conference of Vladimir Putin. Text translation

Big press conference of Vladimir Putin. Text translation

On December 17 2015 in Moscow is held an annual big press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The head of state to talk to the press for the eleventh time.

In the event a record number of accredited journalists – 1390 people. The President does not restrict members of the media neither on the topics nor the time to communicate.

12.24 the President supports policies of Central Bank and government to ensure macroeconomic stability.

12.23 Putin: the physical volume of trade increased, despite the cost reduction.

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12.19 the Government expects to reach a growth of 0.7% in 2016, 1.9% in 2017 and 2.4% in 2018, said the President, noting that the Cabinet will not rush with the recosting of the budget, but preparing for any scenario.

12.18 the Volume of sovereign funds of the Russian Federation is at a good level, Putin said.

12.16 the budget Deficit at 2.8-2.9% of the GDP is a satisfactory measure, the President said.

12.15 the President calls responsible policy of the state in the financial sector.

12.14 Putin: the flow of capital is a result of investor interest in the Russian economy.

12.13 Reduction of the external debt of the Russian Federation is a positive aspect of Western sanctions against Russia, the President said.

12.12 Vladimir Putin calls a solid foreign exchange reserves of the country.

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12.11 Putin sees signs of stabilization in business activity in the economy. The unemployment rate hovers around 5.6 per cent, it is the result of the positive work of the government, said the head of state.

12.10 President: the Russian economy has passed the peak of the crisis.

12.09 Putin recognized the need to adjust the budget in 2016 because of falling energy prices. The President believes the estimate of $50 per barrel of oil in 2016 too optimistic.


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12.03 Vladimir Putin has begun dialogue with journalists.

11.50 In 2014 the President talked with the media 3 hours and 10 minutes.

11.45 As in previous years, many came to ITC with “pickles” – a variety of posters, bright scarves and flags.

11.40 At the moment, journalists are most interested in, whether they will be able to ask questions and how long will the press conference

11.32 All participants must undergo two rounds of security checks. At the entrance to the world trade Center (WTC) after the screening ask journalists to leave brought food and drinks. Already at the entrance directly to the room of reporters are waiting for another document check.

11.30 Journalists began to gather at the press conference Putin for four hours prior.