Big press conference Putin. Key statements on the economy

MOSCOW, December 17. During the eleventh big press conference President Vladimir Putin described the situation in the Russian economy under low oil prices and external constraints, pointed to the positive side of the impact of Western sanctions, and also spoke about prospects of cooperation with Ukraine in 2016.

Answering the first question, regarding what has changed in his assessments of the state of the economy compared to the end of 2015, Putin began by telling an anecdote:

There are two friends, one asks the other: “How are you?”. He said, “As with stripes: black and white”. – “Now what?” – “Now black”. It takes another six months. “How are you? You know, striped. Now what?” – “Now black”. “No, it was black”. “No, it turns out that I was not white”

Here we have about this situation, Putin said.

The situation in the Russian economy

  • The peak of the crisis passed, said the President of the Russian Federation, pointing to signs of stabilization in business activity
  • Investors begin to show interest in the work in Russia, said Putin
  • The head of state noted the growth in the physical volume of trade of the Russian Federation
  • The situation on the labor market is stable: the unemployment rate in Russia hovers around 5.6% of
  • The President also called solid gold and currency reserves of Russia

The work of the Central Bank and the government

  • Putin expressed support for the policy of the Central Bank and the government to ensure macroeconomic stability
  • To reduce the rate of the Central Bank administratively impossible, said the President
  • Putin calls for responsible policy of the state in the financial sector
  • The President emphasized that in the current year, the company fulfilled all social obligations.
  • No significant changes in the composition of the government is not expected, Putin said

Budget-2016 and oil prices

  • Putin believes the forecast oil prices at $50 per barrel for 2016 too optimistic
  • The Cabinet is preparing a script for every scenario, said the President
  • The government expects to reach a growth in the next three years, said Putin
  • Putin does not rule out the privatization of large state-owned companies in 2016, not to “burn the reserves”

About the Western sanctions and foreign debt

  • The positive side of Western sanctions against Russia is the reduction of external debt of the country, said the President
  • Despite the limitations that Russia has fulfilled all its obligations to partners, the President said
  • According to Putin, the total cumulative debt of the Russian Federation has dropped “and this is a positive thing”

Support agriculture and agricultural growth

  • The growth in agriculture in 3% was the result of support for the liberation of the market for domestic producers, said the head of the Russian Federation
  • The President called a good indicator of the grain harvest in 2015 in 103.4 million tons
  • All the plans for the agricultural sector support will be implemented, Putin said.

About Ukraine and gas transit

  • Russia is not going to impose on Kiev any sanctions, Putin said
  • The termination of the agreement on the free trade area of Kiev is deprived of privileges and preferences, said the head of state
  • The head of state predicts the deterioration of economic relations with Ukraine in 2006
  • Putin is not confident in the appropriateness of termination of gas transit through Ukraine

About taxes in the oil industry

  • Oil industry and gas sector the government has placed an additional tax burden, said the President
  • Putin believes that raising taxes in the oil industry should not be eternal
  • The government “should not kill the goose that lays the Golden eggs”, said Putin

About the projects South stream and “Turkish stream”

  • Putin surprised toothless Bulgarian leadership on the “South stream”, contrary to the interests of the country
  • “Turkish stream” will be implemented if Turkey will seek assurances Brussels, said Putin

About the system “Platon”

  • The devices of the “Plato” should be free, says the President of the Russian Federation
  • All fees from the system are not in a private pocket, and fully to the road Fund of the Russian Federation, Putin said
  • System “Plato” will take heavy traffic from gray schemes, I’m sure the President
  • Putin hopes that the government in the beginning of the year will cancel the transport tax for trucks