“Creeping Islamization” and “spit in the face of the Ukrainian people,” Putin about the foreign policy of the Russian Federation

“Creeping Islamization” and “spit in the face of the Ukrainian people,” Putin about the foreign policy of the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, December 17. The attitude of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Turkey, the Ukraine and Syria interested the journalists during the press conference of the head of the Russian state. However, the international theme was not limited by the situation of these countries. The President answered, including questions about Georgia, the U.S. and terrorism.

“Creeping Islamization”

Russia was ready to cooperate with Turkey, but hostilities Istanbul has forced Moscow to go to the deterioration of relations. “We believe that Turkish authorities’ actions against our aircraft which they shot down, is not unfriendly and hostile act”, – said Putin. Especially outrageous he considered the fact that the Turkish authorities not only did not apologize, but then “fled to Brussels: help, hurt our feelings”. “They started to hide behind NATO. And NATO need it? It became clear that also not”, – concluded the President of the Russian Federation.

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According to him, the Russian side in this situation also bothered by the fact that Moscow has never refused to cooperate with Ankara and has always supported the Turks, even the “very sensitive issues” that “didn’t fit in the context of international law by the decisions that the Turkish party offers”.

Answering the question of, can for the incident in which Russian aircraft to stand some “third force”, Putin said that “doesn’t know”. “But if someone in the Turkish government decided to lick the Americans in one place, I don’t know whether they did or not,” said the head of the Russian state. He did not speculate, “whether it is the Americans or not. “Maybe we had an agreement on some level that “we are about to avernum Russian plane, and you close your eyes”, “we go in, say, Iraq, and occupies part of Iraq.” I don’t know, maybe this exchange was, we don’t know,” said the President.

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Russian-Turkish relations

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Big press conference Putin: key statements on the foreign policy of Russia

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Speaking about the cooperation between the two countries, Putin noted that “the people of Turkey and other Turkish-speaking peoples as were our partners and friends, and remain”. “With the current Turkish leadership, as shown, it is difficult for us to agree or practically impossible”. he said. “Even … when we say “Yes, we agree,” they to the side or in the back cause us a shot, and absolutely incomprehensible reasons,” Putin explained.

Referring to the abolition of visas, the President said that the main reason for this was the irritation from the “creeping Islamization” and the need to ensure national security. “We see, we are stating that the Turkish fighters, descendants, for example, from the North Caucasus. We have said many times to our partners: we don’t do that against Turkey. No, they’re still sitting there, being treated, and protect them. Then they use visa-free entry, enter on Turkish passports and dissolve,” he said.

Answering the question about the project “Turkish stream”, Putin pointed out that it can be implemented if Turkey will seek assurances of Brussels. “It’s not like we broke off the negotiations, we need the European Commission written guarantees provided that all routes, including a possible route through Turkey to Europe not only implement, but is a priority, and the European Commission would support it”, – said the President, stressing that the fate of the project depends on Russia.

On the situation in Syria

During the press conference repeatedly raised the topic of Syria. The Russian President expressed confidence that to resolve the Syrian problem can only be resolved by political means. However, he said that the Russian plan in this nearly coincides with the U.S. – “this is a joint work on the Constitution, the creation of monitoring tools for future early elections, the elections themselves and recognition of their results”.

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Putin acknowledged that such a settlement is “a complex thing”, as there are mutual claims: some people like this group, someone who wants to work with the Syrian government, someone refuses. But “all the warring parties to find the strength to move towards each other”, said the head of state.

Answering the question about the need to establish on Syrian territory a permanent Russian military base, the President questioned the advisability of this, as the presence of cruise missiles allows Moscow if necessary to act at a distance. Can be used for missiles “Caliber” (the range of 1.5 thousand km) and Kh-101 (4.5 thousand km), Putin said.

Speaking about the fight against the ruling in Syria is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group “Islamic state”, he noted that Russia manages to combine the efforts of the Syrian army and the Syrian armed opposition. The efforts of the Syrians in this fight support the Russian space forces.

Commenting on the establishment of the Saudi Arabia Islamic coalition against ISIS, Putin expressed the view that it would not be anti-Russian character, even with the participation of Turkey. With the Saudi Arabia, Russia have differences on the Syrian settlement, but there are points of contact, said the Russian leader, Recalling that he recently met with the king of that state, are held and contacts at other levels – the foreign Ministry, the Ministry of defense.

Simultaneously, Putin saw the creation of a separate coalition of Islamic countries, the signs of conflict between Riyadh and Washington. However, he stressed that an effective fight against terror must remain United “and not pilfer the opportunities before us”.

“A spit in the face of the Ukrainian people”

One of the first at the press conference was asked a complex question on Ukraine. Putin personally gave the floor to Ukrainian journalist in clothing colors of the national flag of his country. The same journalist last year, at the same press conference asked the question, who’s wearing a sweater with the inscription “Dill”. The representative of the Ukrainian media in this time interested, including when and how will be implemented the Minsk agreement.

Putin stressed that Moscow is willing and ready to implement those agreements. “You need to want that our partners in Kiev”, – he added, calling the actions of Kiev regarding the implementation of the Minsk agreements by manipulation. “If we really want to really solve the problem, let’s stop this, let’s continue to work in this”, – said the Russian President. Moscow, said Putin, is ready to persuade people in Southeast of Ukraine, to bring them a case to find a compromise.

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He also noted that Russia is not interested in exacerbating the conflict in the Ukraine, but his decision not to go through the elimination of people in the South-East of the country.

Speaking about the termination of the agreement on free trade zone with Ukraine, Putin drew the journalists ‘ attention to the fact that it is not the imposition of sanctions. “We just go to the most favored nation regime in trade,” he said. It comes to that, Putin said that “Ukraine can not be put in a less favourable position than any other partners (Russia) to the outside, but, of course, no benefits and preferences Ukraine in trade with Russia January 1, 2016 will not use”.

In practice, according to the head of the state, this means that if today in trading in Russia and Ukraine there is a zero rate, then after 1 January will be “the weighted average tariff of 6%”. “3%, 8%, 10%,” – said he, stressing that “it is not our choice, we fought to prevent this from happening, but we didn’t want to hear”.

Putin sympathized with the Ukrainian people in connection with the fact that he was imposed as Governor of the Odessa region, ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili. “Out of 45 million people can’t find 5-10 honest, good, effective managers? It’s just a spit in the face of the Ukrainian people”, – said the Russian leader.

About the relations with Georgia

Russia is ready to restore relations with Georgia and with it the abolition of the visa regime, said the President of the Russian Federation. According to him, Russia “sees the signals from the current leadership of Georgia, and these signals are accepted”.

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Among countries increased volume of trade, he demonstrates a “sufficiently large growth rates,” said Putin, drawing the audience’s attention to the fact that “two-thirds of the wine and wine materials from Georgia’s export volume goes to the Russian market, and not somewhere there, in the far abroad”.

Touching upon the issue of Georgia’s territorial integrity, the Russian leader pointed out that the historical blame for the collapse of the country rests on her former leadership of taking “reckless decisions” and who became the initiator of the degradation of Russian-Georgian relations. “This historic wine, and it is on their shoulders entirely,” said Putin. “Georgia’s territorial integrity – a matter, first of all, the Georgian people, the South Ossetian and Abkhaz. Need to work with them. We will take any decision,” he said.

About the presidential race in the USA

The topic of Russian-American relations at the press conference was mentioned in passing. Mainly journalists interested in who exactly the Russian leader would like to see as President of the United States. Putin offered to wait, who next year will elect the American people. “In any case, whoever it was, we are ready and willing to develop its relations with the United States,” he said.

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Commenting on the request of the representatives of the media statement of the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump’s readiness to a deeper level of relations with Russia in case of its victory on elections of the President of the United States, Putin said that he welcomes it. However, the Russian leader chose not to evaluate the election campaign and rhetoric in this regard.

“Not our business to determine his (trump’s) dignity, but he is the absolute leader of the presidential race,” said the President of the Russian Federation. “He’s a bright man, a talented, no doubt about it,” he added. Meanwhile, the Russian leader refrained from assessments of statements that trump uses to increase the popularity during the election campaign in the USA.