In Crimea consider a fiction the statement of Yatsenyuk about the commercial blockade of the Peninsula

In Crimea consider a fiction the statement of Yatsenyuk about the commercial blockade of the Peninsula

SIMFEROPOL, on December 17. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk on banning the supply of goods to the Crimea – fiction, experts say.

As explained by a member of the Public chamber of the Republic of Crimea, chief editor of the Criminals Maxim Nikolayenko, taken on the eve of the decision of the Ukrainian government imposes only formal constraints on the situation are not affected.

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“It turns out, prohibited for export to the Crimea Ukrainian products are not socially significant products. And Ukrainian documents to be socially significant are meat, milk, and sausage – a huge list. It turns out that if all is to take out from Ukraine to Crimea is still possible, the decision of the Ukrainian government about the so-called blockade is a sham, just for show, like any other decision relating to the Crimea,” said Nikolaenko.

The list of socially significant products approved by the decree of the Ukrainian government No. 803 dated June 13, 2002, which to date has not changed and is valid. Such foods include white flour, three kinds of bread, pasta, several types of cereals, pork, beef, poultry, lard, eggs, milk and some dairy products, sausage, sugar. In addition, the list includes diesel, gasoline and liquefied gas, implemented through the network of filling stations.

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The Minister of industrial policy of Crimea Andrey Skrynnik considers that statements by Ukrainian government representatives often have nothing to do with the law and market relations.

“Statements about the blockade and deblockade is one conversation. But there is a legislation which introduces certain conditions of supply of goods, – said Skrynnik. If economic entities in Ukraine will want to bring into the territory of the Russian Federation, will pay taxes, and that they are profitable, and if it is valid according to Ukrainian legislation, it will happen.”

The substitution of Ukrainian goods has already happened

The Minister is convinced that any statements of Ukrainian politicians will not be reflected on the Crimean market. “The substitution of Ukrainian goods by products of the Crimean agricultural producers and products coming from the mainland of Russia, happened long ago. In this respect, we are not dependent”, he added.

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That the Ukrainian government took the decision to legalize commercial blockade of the Crimea, Yatsenyuk said on December 16, the decision shall enter into force after 30 days.

Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov, as well as former Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, the owner of the TV channel ATR Lenur islyamov began the so-called food blockade of the Peninsula 20 September.

Meanwhile, the Russian government has decided to introduce from 1 January 2016 food embargo against Ukraine.