In the budget of the state Duma in 2016 has laid the “Golden parachutes”

Moscow. December 16. The draft budget estimates of the state Duma in 2016 envisages the expenditure 10,13 billion rubles, which is 1.6 billion more than in 2015. He was increased at the expense of “Golden parachutes” to the deputies of the sixth convocation, which is not isseroda in the seventh. It is marked 253 million rubles.

The project in the environment considered by the Duma Committee on rules, document available. According to the draft budget, the spending increase to the level of 2015 by 19.5%.

Budget appropriations for the financial Duma in 2016 consider the upcoming change of the lower house of the convocations, including, in part the salaries of deputies and assistants and the payment of a lump-sum cash benefits. It is marked on the 236,6 million.

In addition, the estimates include funds for the remuneration of deputies of the state Duma of the sixth convocation in connection with the postponement of elections and the preservation of social guarantees until December 4, 2016 in the amount of 253 million rubles.

On maintenance of activity of state Duma deputies and their assistants in the electoral districts provided the amount of 56,3 million.

From the draft estimates indicate that in 2016 it is planned “re-equipment of hardware-software complex conference room of the state Duma in the amount of 691 million rubles.”

The document also provides for the procurement of goods, works and services for ensuring the activities of the newly elected deputies of the state Duma.

The expenditure on salaries of Federal civil servants of the apparatus of the state Duma considered the draft budget estimates of the state Duma in 2016 in the amount that allows to maintain the actual level in 2015, according to the draft.

The estimate is built based on a projected average of US dollar rate to calculate the cost of contributions to the budgets of international parliamentary organizations in the amount of 63.3 rubles per US dollar. The costs associated with providing international contacts and representative activity of state Duma deputies maintained at the level of 2015, also noted in the project.

The final decision on the approval of the draft budget for 2016, the Committee on rules will on Friday, said Wednesday the first Deputy head of Committee Nadezhda Gerasimova (“United Russia”).