Medvedev: Russia will try to simplify the procedure of issuing visas for Chinese nationals

BEIJING, December 17. Russia will try to reduce the number of formalities in issuing visas to Chinese citizens, all the opportunities are there, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting with representatives of Chinese youth in Beijing.

Noting that the visa regime between the countries is always mutual, he explained that the introduction of such measures is dictated by, including, and security considerations.

“It’s a complex story in the life of States, because States need to understand that what moves, what processes happen where some people are, especially in today’s very complex world, which still contains inconsistencies and security issues”, – said Medvedev, answering a question of the young teacher of Beijing University about the possibility of canceling visas between Russia and China.

“Can tell you that today a visa to get in China, and in Russia is much easier than 10-15 years ago. But, of course, still there are some formalities, which sometimes annoy, disturb”, – declared the head of the government of the Russian Federation. “We’ll try to make them as small as possible. Given the fact that relations between our countries are excellent, all there,” – said Medvedev.